A new series is born: “Crime syndicate masquerading as a nation”? A view from some USA compatriots – Tola Adenle

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I’m still to start reading NEXT’s lead story from Sunday’s [yesterday] edition because I like to  savor the inserts first before going to the main paper weekly.  It often leaves me reading the paper till mid-week but comments on the railway mess have been coming in since Sunday afternoon to my mail box.

We do not get to catch our collective breath with the avalanche of corruption scams that seem to dominate government business in Nigeria.

In the part of Ibadan where I live, a bizarre crime that is inexplicable happened recently by ECN/NEPA and whatever alphabet letters the power non-generator  has now adopted.  The last time electricity came by way of this whatchamacallit to our neighborhood is up to four weeks – I’m not there a lot but that’s how far back I can recollect.  Pardon me, I do not live at some remote corner or a slum, with all due respect to those that are forced by circumstances to do so; just a statement that needs be made as a reference for this essay.

Each household in our neighborhood has been made to pay N10,000 because the cables that supply electricity to a Government Residential Area (G.R.A.) section were removed from the poles and carted away by thieves!

I’ve asked several questions from neighbors among which are:  where will the cables be sold?  Who will buy them and supply them back to the alphabet outfit?  Will the zonal manager report the N400,000 we were made to pay to government?  Under what Treasury Sub-head will the reporting be made?

Some neighbors have been asking that I write on the phenomenal of government property being stolen and re-sold in the Abuja manner of well-known chain of “supply and remove” as a relation once described one of the scams that have made billionaires – a minimum of $6 million-plus – of many Nigerians, but the views from the USA has finally made me do it.  Come to think of it, won’t an essayist be boring if he/she carries all wrongs done her person or her neighborhood in Nigeria?

With yesterday’s NEXT headline story that I’m yet to read but bits and pieces of which are farmiliar to most who follow news of Nigeria, and with the release sent to me by one of the active members of my USA clan, I’ve decided to start a whole category on this blog.  The title, as mentioned a while back, was found on the web last year and was written by a blogger whose name I never saved in my files:  “… a crime syndicate masquerading as a nation”? was part of his rant, and it has stuck.

I’ve added a question mark to show Nigeria has a chance to change this perception that is held not just by millions of her citizens but also by the outside world. Yesterday, it is the country paying off a loan of N51 billion to the infamous London and Paris Clubs through equally infamous World Bank, today, it is the story of two Nigerians caught with $80 million in South Africa stored in their private home AND expensive wrist watches worth $150,000.00 according to Forbes.com blogger, Mfonobong Nsehe.

From now on, any story that fits the category that  I find anywhere, or that readers send in, will be slapped under the new infamous category.

Please read “Corruption galore”, a compatriot’s frustration in far away U.S.A.  Who will save Nigeria?

Corruption galore

By Lai Opawoye [Circulated among Osogbo Progressive Union, U.S.A, members.]

No record of any major contract completion in Nigeria:  Electric, Road, Steel, Railway. If the contract is grand, it is run down and funds stolen.  A few years wait, it is re- awarded again and again, funds stolen. If it manages to reach commissioning stage, it soon stops functioning due to corruption, theft of operating funds, substandard or used equipments break down.

After that stage, it is sold for next to nothing in a fictitious privatization scheme to front companies that suddenly springs up. The owners of such companies?  Former government officials ranging from president to ministers, retired generals, former governors, senators, reps etc. Don’t expect to find their names on any record. Only those in the inner circle know the real owners.

Meanwhile suffering continues for citizens, little guys with bread loaves salary demand bribes, police set up check points to openly collect bribes to supplement their inhumane salary.

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3 Comments on “A new series is born: “Crime syndicate masquerading as a nation”? A view from some USA compatriots – Tola Adenle”

  1. dan ugwo Says:


    Like a young plant, Nigeria adds a year to her age and can not in any way be considered as a new born baby. A tree planted beside the stream of a flowing river is expected to bear fruits in due season. Nigeria, where are you at fifty-one? Your fifty-one year’s cake has become a baseless savannah dust which, when sprinkled on someone, is being dusted off the body because of its uselessness. You have once been named “Giant” of African countries. As a matter of fact, your greatness has become a thing of the past, a mere story which many of your children are yet to know. You are now living by your past glory; your children are very sick, wretched and full of ignorant. You are blessed with natural and human resources but your children still suffer.

    In the past, Agriculture was what was utilized to feed them to satisfaction, why then, can’t you feed your children anymore; they are now hungry and starving, even to death. Do not forget your land was fertile and it is not yet barren, from Agriculture you produced; rubber, cocoa, kola nut, groundnut, rice, cowpea and many others. Why then are your children still hungry?

    Is it because you are now lazy or because you are selfish and greedy, keeping what belongs to your children to yourself? Oh Nigeria, Crude oil is another great wealth you posses but your children do not feel the impact. To every happiness there must be a reason behind it, what is the reason for your happiness, to be celebrating 51 years birthday? I guess you have only celebrated it because you have succeeded in training your children to hate themselves and hate you; you have trained them to become expert in corruption of any kind, to any length both within and outside you. A saying goes thus; “A fool at forty is a fool forever”.

    Nigeria, what will be used to qualify your stupidity! You are not forty but fifty-one. How is your politics? There is no doubt that there has been improvement in the political system of Nigeria but it is also very devastating and chaotic compared with that of the past. Politics in Nigeria has become a family business, a competition for power, an avenue for illegal wealth acquisition, a means for oppression and a grave for bloodshed. This nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”, the definition of a true democracy.

    My deal Nigeria, why then have you changed the meaning of democracy to a do-or-die affair? You are so foolish that you could not even choose credible leaders who could govern you and liberate you from exile to the promised land which is flowing with milk and honey. Dear Nigeria, it is a great pity that you could not even trust your children; neither can you be trusted by your children. Ah, Nigeria! Why then did you produce bitter fruit instead of sweet ones, why did you bear children you are not capable of taking care of? Your children have scattered all over the world seeking greener pastures which you yourself possess; isn’t it a shame on you, that instead of your children working for you, they go out of you to contribute to the development of others caring less the insult this brings on you? Oh, what a great pity on you dear Nigeria! Could it be that you were not matured enough before you obtained your independence?

    Nigeria, it is a big shame that you have taught your children to see your government/administration as though selfish, a situation whereby your favoured ones stick to power all because of their inordinate desire and oppressive ambitions.

    How about the Economy? As a matter of fact, Nigeria’s economy presently may be better than what you had in the past but your children as at then, felt the impact of your economy more than presently. Your children now think the economy of the past was better than the present simply because they could not feel the impact and people continue to wonder where you are keeping the wealth you generate from your God-given resources. If the wealth generated in the past was less than what is being generated now and it was used diligently, how then can’t you be accountable for the surplus you are presently generating while your children suffer in the midst of plenty: no water, no electricity , your roads are bad, you are producing fake drugs to kill your children, health care is unaffordable?

    Who then are those benefitting from the enormous resources bestowed on you? Your currency, the Naira which was once great and fetched almost two Dollars while almost equating Pound Sterling, has become low valued today against those currencies.

    If countries like Ghana, republic of Benin, South Africa amongst others can enjoy uninterrupted power supply, why not you, shameless Nigeria? You are not ashamed that you are made the head but you chose to be a tail.

    Education is nothing to write about as if you have forgotten you used to have the best university in Africa and even one of the best in the world as at then. The value of your schools is now depreciating in value and respect. Now, tell me how you can produce qualified graduates from your dilapidated institutions. Have you forgotten University of Ibadan is one of the first universities in Africa as a whole, how about the other ones such as: University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University, University of Nigeria among others? It is big slap on you face because none of your institutions can now fit in among the 20 best universities in Africa not to mention the world. Shame on you.

    How about security? I pity your children and I really pity you as well because you have exposed the lives of your children to destruction and death but you are contented with it and even boast that you are among the safest countries in the world. Your security now kills your children instead of watching over and protecting them. I tell you solemnly, if the lives of your children is endangered, then yours is at the greatest risk.
    Shameless Nigeria, you think as if you have no brain in you, a mere duck thinks extensively than you do because the children of the duck, are always protected by the mother, it is difficult for an eagle to kidnap or kill a baby duck when the mother is still alive. Why then are you buying ammunition for your own children to kill themselves, you buy them fuel to burn their houses when they store petrol for small generators. I tell you most solemnly, you are sitting on gun powder because after killing themselves with the guns you bought for them, and after burning their houses with the fuel you gave them; they will team up, and burn your houses and later on, kill you as it is always said “what goes around, comes around”.

    Your judicial system is very corrupt like other aspects of your life and when a citadel of justice is corrupt, what then will happen to the body – it will completely rot and collapse. I now see reason why justice is not found in you. You have taught your children to be idle because you never provided job for them and you know “an idle hand is the devil’s workshop”? How will your children not steal, how will they not fight, kill and break laws when you have failed to produce true fruits in spite your fertile soil? What a pity on you, greedy Nigeria! If these are your quality at this present time, what will be your future?

    Beloved Nigeria, do you believe hope is not lost? Your children have not lost all hopes. You could still reclaim your greatness among African countries; your schools can still be the best among African schools as it used to be in the past. Your hospitals, electricity, roads can still be in order if you and your children can still remember the pledges you have made, “to be faithful, loyal and honest, to serve with all your strength…”

    Rise up now and take a step to climb the ladder and you shall get there!

    Daniel Sam Ugwo



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