Mission Incredible: Nigeria To Invest US$2.68 billion In Indonesian Refinery Deal by Sahara Reporters

Mission Incredible: Nigeria To Invest US$2.68 billion In Indonesian Refinery Deal
by Sahara Reporters (Used on this site yesterday)

Submitted on 2011/10/13 at 7:27 am

Dear madam, you can be sure this is a fact. We do not have a government in Nigeria, only figure head. You can be sure there is a hidden deal somewhere along the line that will come to fore very soon. We are a cursed nation. Whoever mutted that idea needs his head re-examined. PERIOD!!!!!!!

Submitted on 2011/10/14 at 5:11 am | In reply to Segun Ayodele.

Mr. Ayodele, I concur. It may not be a bad idea to consider Aro Psychiatric  Hospital for the originator of this insane idea. I think somebody did suggest that top political office holders – or such – be mentally examined before being given political power in Nigeria. Imagine what over $2.5 billion would do to the Nigerian economy. Right now, I’m around a community in Southwestern Nigeria where, on any given day, there are scores of young men of around 20+ years old – roaming around. Most have at least high schools while quite many have up to first degrees/HND. A handful of the latter group even go to job sites to carry building blocks, etcetera. One sells phone cards and by 9.00 a.m., there are never less than THREE other young men keeping him company, apparently chatting their frustrations – and lives away.

I’m sure it’s a common scene all over Nigeria. And to think someone would dream up this insane idea of taking thousands of jobs to Indonesia – that’s what over $2 billion of investment to a country that was once like Nigeria but has shaken off the permanent cries of colonialism – would do to Indonesia’s economy. Another insane idea of removing a phantom subsidy has the imprimatur of our new Masters, The World Bank & Donor Agencies/Countries.

I read a comment recently although it was not apparently meant to be taken that seriously but by Jove, it could happen: if a slave ship docks at Apapa in Nigeria of 2011, able bodied and well-educated Nigerians would fill it up in a matter of minutes to escape the grinding poverty in Nigeria.  What a sad commentary on a country whose wealth is so vast that governors, and other looters who are forever undergoing charades of “trial” by “anti-corruption” agencies know it’s all for show – have their stolen billions awaiting them here and abroad.

Like “the voice of one crying out in the wilderness”, Soyinka recently warned of the possibility of “violent change” the way things continue to go in Nigeria. Will Jonathan’s government heed this warning and the cries of others about the grinding poverty in Nigeria?

Of course, Mr. Ayodele, any Nigerian who knows how things work in Nigeria would agree with you that there’s a “hidden deal somewhere”. Thanks, as always for always stopping by. TOLA.

UPDATE:  Friday, October 13, 2011

Not unexpectedly, Nigeria’s  Oil Czarina, Dieziani Allison Madueke, has denied the news report which emanated from Indonesia’s most powerful newspaper.  These people act as if this is still the age of the Information Dinosaur.  TOLA ADENLE


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