“Sanusi’s generosity to his Kano people” – Timothy Otunla

[My response follows Mr. Otunla’s comments as this was copied from my mail box as a mail to me.]

There is however a line which you and your professional colleagues must and should always cross if I may extend your ambiguity as method on Sanusi,s generosity to his Kano people. Is CBN’s Sanusi not a Kano prince? Does Sanusi not subscribe to Islam, a faith which enjoins all to be generous to the disadvantaged? Has Allah in his wisdom not placed the same CBN’s Sanusi in full charge of the Nigerian banker of last resort?  I won’t go on.

In every social setting cultures of tolerance, the acceptable, admirable, emulation and reward emerge and are valued. You, Mrs Adenle, and your colleagues who unleashed the news of Sanusi’s duty to Allah and country and I dare say his Kano people are Nigerians I would like to believe. If you two and any number of you are surprised, many of us are not ,and we also know that  this singular act of generosity fits into and is warmly tolerated, acceptable and deserves emulation and is accordingly admired in our present day Nigerian psycho cultural setting.
CBN’s Sanusi has not failed us. He has in fact lived up to our expectations as a Caliphate prince( or is he guilty by association?) and I am not being sarcastic. In the circumstance and since you are suggesting surprise and only timidly so, I am compelled to ask you and your other colleagues why you continuously fail us in your duty whenever you stop short of expanding or deepening the Nigerian psychocultural setting by asking where the money came from or whether it has been properly or legally appropriated or applied  if it is public money ? Even if there were no legal or moral inappropriateness to it ,what political embarrassment if any could arise out of the tinge of bad taste/gracelessness/absence of charitability/cabalism/cronyism/nepotism/calculated cynicism in a Kano prince forking Nigerian money in the direction of a national tragedy that occurred in Kano……are we preparing the way for a future Emir of Kano with CBN/Nigerian money?

Tola if you and your friends cannot or will not reduce our tolerance for bad public morality please stop posing……these matters are too serious for postures,posturing or poseurs. Thank you for intruding into my aiyeluja.tao


Dear Mr. Otunla,

Welcome to my blog.

Since you commented on a posted essay, I am posting your response.

I do not really understand your points nor the preposterous assumptions concerning me but I’ll make a very brief comment.  This blog is structured so that many, though not all who write, will get a reply in many cases, and I believe yours call for such.

I will suggest you take the time to check out a few of the writings under ‘politics’ and ‘politics and economy’, many dating from my newspaper essay days and you will not find a posturing writer.



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4 Comments on ““Sanusi’s generosity to his Kano people” – Timothy Otunla”

  1. Falade A.G. Says:

    Countries, except the UK, I think are ruled by constitutions. I don’t think what Sanusi Lamido Sanusi did, aligns with the Nigeria constitution. Can somebody check for us?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Prof., E ma se! Thanks for this. I think we are really in trouble in Nigeria with the anything-goes rule that has been unleashed on us, a.k.a. banana republic. Regards, TOLA.



  2. Adeyemi Adetoye Says:

    Dear Ambassador Otunla,
    We all now know that Sanusi is desperately using all of us to prepare his ways for political ascendance into presidency of Nigeria after Jonathan. He is playing his politics well well the IBB way. “Be loyal to South south and the core north. Ignore the wild west!”. He is adequately positioned and groomed. He is doing the strategizing to outwit other contenders from his geo-political zone. But, is our collective Central bank his personal enclave such that philanthropic gestures will be doled out without care? And you see nothing wrong about it? Ah!, I’m surprised sir.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, as always, Mr. Adeyemi. I’ve been receiving all sorts of mails from people who wonder how I dared re-use material that has unearthed all these.

      I think Alhaji Sanusi’s plan, well laid-out as it is by one who considers himself very brilliant, is going to come to naught in as much as it is built on using an important part of what is presently known as Nigeria – the Yoruba – as his footstool. Others before him failed though not because we Yoruba really had a collective hand in the failures but because such does not naturally work, and he will fail too.

      As for the president’s VERY LOUD silence on this travesty, I did mention in my comments to Dr. Ajetunmobi ystdy that no word will come from him or from Alhaji S because they know this furor will die down and they will move to the next item on their agenda. I also mentioned to Dr. Ajetunmobi that the fact that the CBN had done it before does not make it right, great as it is that he has now pointed the fact out to us.

      Thanks, as always.



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