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Looking at the ways things are going in Nigeria, it’s not surprising that an essay I posted here on December 3 has continued to generate readership several months later in spite of starting out very slowly.

The Otedola melodrama which, no matter what has netted one of Abuja’s bribe takers, shows why the essay continues to interest readers.  It has not only continued to top the list of readership once it soared to Number One some months after its posting but there’s a wide gap between it and the others in the Top Ten essays.

While the essay has long moved away from the Home Page where current essays – usually not older than a week – dominate, search engines continue to drive readers to it.  Femi Otedola, one of the two dramatis personae  in the current saga of bribery and corruption is a prominent name in the “list of those who have continued to profit from Nigerians’ collective misery through the oil subsidy lie.”

The essay rests among its peers under the borrowed classification “crime syndicate masquerading as a nation” although I added a question mark when it first started, thinking Dr. Jonathan just might go against the [PDP] grain and fight corruption.  It – the category – has now been updated to reflect reality as “pretending at nation building under ‘crime syndicate’ stench”; crime syndicate remains under quotes it’s from the old category that a more ingenious blogger first came up with in

The dominant position of the old essay shows how Nigerians – and maybe even those “investors” that Nigerian leaders from presidents down to state assembly members are forever junketing to supposedly woo – feel about Nigeria.

This second appearance of the essay is therefore understandable.

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