2012 Olympics (3): Saudi says ‘yes’ to women competing at the Olympics!

June 25, 2012


Just a week ago, this Blog carried the story of Qatar’s Ms. Malki who will be at the London Olympics to represent her country as the first female athlete.  By that seemingly simple act and despite Saudi Arabia’s vehement declaration that the idea of women’s participation in the Olympics is not for now, the flood-gate seems now open to women’s participation throughout the Arab world.  How?  Saudi Arabia just announced the lifting of the veil on one of the obstacles to women’s full participation in their society.

From a country that banned the participation of girls in school sports to one that will now send a female to London next month – all within a month – is more than a giant step for women of the Middle East, Muslim women everywhere and women in general.

Now, with the seat of Islam giving a nod to open the door ever so slightly to women’s sports participation, we can all say, as Fatai Bakare, a regular commentator on this Blog wrote on the Malki story June 20:

Congrats, this will be the beginning of women’s liberation from the Arabian World.


The dominoes are falling – sort of!

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6 Comments on “2012 Olympics (3): Saudi says ‘yes’ to women competing at the Olympics!”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    I did not know it would be this soon. But I always have it at the back of my mind that it would come one day. This shows to the world that Islam is a dynamic religion. Now that it is from the King himself, other Islamic Scholars and Leaders who have been so conservative about the religion should have a re-think and join the progressive world of Islam. Though, not the Alqaeda or Boko Haram way.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Fatai, and congratulations to you – a true Muslim; to me – a woman, to Saudi women and women everywhere. One small step for women, a giant step in the fight for women’s rights everywhere because “until all is free, none is free.”




      • Falade A.G. Says:

        Fine! Human beings are always allowed to take free decisions. As I explained a few weeks ago, I detest women exposing their bodies in whatever form. I do not agree with the change of stance by Saudi Arabia. I knew the danger of women wearing bikinis at swimming pools more than two decades ago. Anyway, we’re in the End of Time, so, it’s not surprising.


      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Prof.,

        Thanks for your continued input on this subject.

        I’m sure the Saudis changed their stance because they knew and know it’s the right thing to do and if they had refused to bow to the wind of change, it would still have happened; they prefer, I’m sure, to be able to have controlled change rather than one that would one day throw their society into chaos.

        I wouldn’t believe you are more conservative than the Saudis, OR are you, dear Prof???



      • Fatai Bakare Says:

        Though, exposing where should not be exposed by ladies is not good, however, I want to draw Prof’s attention to ladies outside the sporting arena who expose their bodies alluringly. I am sure as time goes on there would be changes as to the sporting dresses now that the Muslim World (Saudi Arabia) had caved in to women participation in sports.


      • emotan77 Says:

        Dear Fatai,

        As long as there are BUYERS for exposed bodies, there will be SELLERS. Fight the cause – the men who ogle – and you fight the “evil”.

        Personally, I do not think the regulation of clothing belong in government strong arms because you cannot regulate morality. The Saudis, the “morality” legislators of Osun etired Brigadier Oyinlola and the hijab warriors of today’s Osun State AND the Abuja “lawmakers” like Anglican FEMALE “chieftain”, former Senator Ekaete who sponsored a “morality” Bill on Indecent Dressing who “f’ete si ‘le lati pa lapalapa (leave leprosy and go after curing of ringworms!) fighteth in vain.



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