To hell with the Nigerian Constitution – President Jonathan on the mandatory declaration of assets

In a move that must have stunned even his closest supporters – at least those who really care for him and want him to succeed, President E.G. Jonathan blasted the idea of asset declaration mandated by the Nigerian Constitution as inconsequential but his actual words were worse than that and most unbecoming of a country’s president:  “I don’t give a damn” Nigeria’s Number One Citizen reportedly answered when asked in a ‘media chat’ about why he has not declared his assets.

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Well, Dr. Jonathan, Nigerians do care about their President giving more than a “damn” and respecting a Constitution that he swore to uphold as long as you have not told us you are sick and tired of occupying the position of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeri


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7 Comments on “To hell with the Nigerian Constitution – President Jonathan on the mandatory declaration of assets”

  1. Adeyemi Adetoye Says:

    I wanted to write my comment(s) on the Agassi’s drug issue but the blog refused me-saying comment closed.
    Why? That piece, in my opinion, about ‘Sin city’ will remain one of the best piece you ever wrote.It showcases the sustained regard of USA for governance as well respect for resources(human, plants, animals, religion, anything,..) whereever they come from, in entirety! Agassi is Iran blood; Steve Job is Syrian blood, Romney is Mexican blood. Obama is Kenyan blood, Albert Einstein is German blood, so goes Google owner, Facebook icon, so go(es) for thousands other foreign blood(s) allowed to come searching and finding fulfilments in US and all, remaining perpectually loyal to the oath and the Flag.

    Alas, in Nigeria, it is reversed! the loyals ones, the best, the patriots, the good generals, the stars, the good ones,..are either sent to early graves or exile. Any stubborn one or group who remained stucked behind are called derogatory numenclatures irrespective of their level of brilliance, gift(s) or sacrificial contributions to national growth.

    It is therefore no suprise that a seating President is the no 1 antagonist to a Constitution he swore to protect. Are we even sure he(GEJ) ever read that Constitution at all? Who cares? In the US, his days in White house would have carried a known number tag by every citizen! The impeachment proceedings would have commenced from each county upwards!

    I however forsee a change! The legendary alliance that had never been fruitous will likely happen at last between the West and North-many thanks to OBj/GEJ ‘kleptomanism’. The North has at last realized/known the cost of loss of Chief Awolowo and Aminu Kano to Nigeria. They are beginning to appreciate the power of education and liberation of everyone!
    If Saudi Arabia can liberate women within a month, Buhari and Tinubu can wake up within any immediate timeframe to liberate Nigerians to save the Blace-race! Therefore, let us(Nigerians) begin to rejoice ahead as we pray/wish MR JONATHAN and his gang many more blunders and scandals unabated. May their roads coninue to be rough! May their senses continue to think as children. May they continue to walk blindfoldedly. Amen?..AMEN!

    -Adeyemi Adetoye,
    Boston, USA.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear M. Adetoye,

      Thanks v. much for this and thanks for the generous words on the Agassi essay.

      This is for all visitors to this Blog: comments are NEVER closed because readers continue to arrive at various essays through search engines months after they are first presented. This is why an essay such as “A list of those who have continued to profit from Nigerians’ collective misery” written last year still retains its top position with well over 600 readers because people read it all the time. And if people read it and have comments, they must be able to express their thoughts.

      I try to give my thoughts on most comments as this Blog was designed for that kind of interaction but most comments are unfortunately deleted to keep the Blog clean.


      Now Mr. Adetoye, these are all very good points: the separation of powers and loyalty to the Constitution in the States where “I don’t give a damn” about a provision in the Constitution would have seen E.G. Jonathan out of the presidency in the twinkle of an eye; where e pluribus unum (out of many, one) is taken seriously – the diversity in spite of being one nation.

      The worst rule us and worse, they disdain us in spite of, pardon me – despite themselves. Why, just why? We must never forget to give honor to whom it is due just as Nigerians must NEVER forget the architect of all these: retired General Obasanjo; he rigged in a very sick man and then a man who p–s on the Constitution.

      We must ensure the next election – if it comes – will be the last when we allow people who cannot make positive changes to the way the country is governed, the people who are standing in the way of this country becoming a nation – to become our rulers.




  2. Falade A.G. Says:

    I was initially taken back by our President’s response. On second reading I could understand what he was trying to get across. The issue is that our constitution stipulates asset declaration,which he has done, but not declaring the asset PUBLICLY. Why our constitution was written like that is a cause for concern!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      I agree with you that Dr. Jonathan could claim compliance but the Number 1 Citizen cannot be expected to hide under ambiguity as a last ditch effort to circumvent Constitutional provision. In governance, one would expect a leader NOT to go for the line of least resistance.

      I think the reference to the late president is particularly offensive IF, indeed, Dr. Jonathan tried to dissuade Alhaji Yar Adua from PUBLICLY declaring his assets.




  3. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Nigeria is a lawless country and leaders do not respect the country talk less of her citizens.

    I have never heard a leader here in Britain using rude words while answering questions from reporters which are televised or broadcast to the public. There is usually a decorum. GEJ saying ”I don’t give a damn” is a rude answer to the Nigerian populace and should tender an apology. The strangest part of it is that it is the press that can compel him to see the rudeness in the answer and to tender an unreserved apology, but will they do it, when they go cap in hands to receive brown envelopes?

    Gordon Brown as PM of Britain was made to retract a statement and apologise to a woman he referred to as a ‘bigot’ on a loose telephone interview which he did not realise was made open. He even went the extra mile to visit the woman for the apology after being bombarded with condemnation by the British press.

    He should watch his tongue and reactions to comments in the public as those who live in glass houses should learn not to throw stones. He said he was forced to declare as VP by his boss so we should not know what he has acquired between that time and when he became the Presido. He should even know that in a sane society he has to declare his assets before leaving Aso Rock finally. Tax payers are feeding him and paying his salary and entitlement. He owes it as a duty to let us know what he has acquired within the period in office. He is not a businessman in Aso Rock. Even a businessman appointed as a Minister may not declare his business assets to the public but it would be on record confidentially. Or does the businessman not submit his company’s account books to the tax man for tax accessment at the end of every tax year? Well, how many businessmen really pay company taxes in Nigeria and the bottom line is that GEJ is telling Nigeria and the world that he has skeleton in his cupboard.

    Hm, leaders do not learn from history, where is Charles Taylor today or leaders in his category. God will give the Nigerian masses their day against these leaders who take advantage of them, Amen.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      First things first. Nigerian rulers – past and present – must be having belly laughter at what to them, must be “terms of endearment”: IBB, GEJ, etcetera. Let’s just refer to them by their titles or their names, please: President Jonathan, Dr. Jonathan, Jonathan, or whatever names but no fond appelations.

      These rulers attend all the world meetings where invited with more aides than anybody (see Dr. Jonathan’s entourage to Rio which reportedly number in the hundreds). They also read newspapers and watch tv like everybody but never see the denigration of their people or institutions as they like to do. While it belittles them (rulers) a whole lot, it reduces us all to minions and brings Nigeria to disrepute.

      Dr. President Jonathan’s “I don’t give a damn” is a new low in governance in Nigeria as no head of state – even from the army – has ever gone that low. He owes more than an apology to this country and her long-suffering citizens.





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