Yoruba apps for iPhones: Letters from my mail-box

July 17, 2012

Yoruba History & Culture



I call it a Proud One

Congratulations. I am very proud of you and your family. You will live to see your children’s children. By the way Ma, she is an OSUN product. Omo omo Oba Ataoja for that matter.  Our governor must know about this.
Thanks for sharing this, Ma.


I will like to congratulate Ms. Adenle for this important contribution to the Yoruba Language. Children of Yoruba immigrants in foreign lands will surely find this useful because their parents usually fail to communicate with them in Yoruba, while other ethnic groups do.

She is following in the footsteps of her granddad who wrote two Yoruba books – ‘Aiye To To Fun’ and ‘Iwa Rere L’oso Enia’ both featured in her mom’s column in a national newspaper some years back as well as in this blog.

Comments about the latter by Karin Barber, a one-time research fellow at a Nigerian University’s African Studies Dept.,  at a 2004 Literary gathering reads thus:

“S. A. Adenle was a provincial school teacher and  later a trader in Osogbo, Western Nigeria, in the 1920s and 30s. He was also an inventor, who designed and built a mechanical loom using a bicycle wheel. Among his most notable inventions were two pamphlets written in Yoruba in a poetic form of his own devising. The second and longer pamphlet, in particular, seems to have no precedent and no sequel in Yoruba history. It is a 124-page didactic narrative poem which is rigorously metrical in the sense that every stanza is composed of lines containing exactly the same number of syllables – a strange feat when one considers that Yoruba is an unstressed tonal language and its orature is based on free and variable breath-groups rather than any form of metre. … How did Adenle come to experiment so freely, and why did his literary invention have no successor, no continuation? …


The inventive gene and love of the Yoruba language must run in this grandchild of Late Ataoja Oba Samuel Adenle.

Congratulations to you both because your blog has done some good work on Yoruba language since it started.

Ajipeya Afunleyin


It’s a very valuable and handy tool for diasporans….


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