Madness in Nigeria (1): Son of a Nigerian politician built a bed with N100m Naira Notes – Global Reporters, Vienna

This piece was forwarded to me by an avid reader of this Blog.  TOLA.



No adequate words to describe the state of depravity of a few and the agonising, criminal impoverishment and dehumanisation of the populace.
The Sad Effect Of Corruption In Nigeria

[Yesterday – sort of – it was Late Alhaji Yar Adua’s son during the period when his dad was in charge of Nigeria, posing with U.S. dollars as also shown on; today, it is the “son of a top Bauchi politician”. Whither Nigeria. TOLA]

Secondary students in this picture were writing their examinations!
The picture above allegedly shows a prominent son of Bauchi State politician posing with millions of naira as a sleeping bed.

Meanwhile millions of Bauchi State indigenes are dying of hunger and cannot afford school fees for their children or hospital treatments, as many children and pupils have died from minor sicknesses like malaria, polio, measles and jaundice etc.
Some schools in Bauchi State use the shadow of trees as studying classes. Bauchi State roads are as bad as many roads in other parts of Nigeria and their hospitals are not even qualified to be called consulting clinics. Painfully, the use of electricity is luxury.

Without new factories opening up, the unemployment rate in Bauchi State is as high as in other states in Nigeria with thousands of youths graduating yearly without jobs. Many old factories and companies have closed while few surviving ones are threatened to pack up because of high cost of production due to the use of diesel/fuel in theigenerators. 
No wonder, even with the news of killings and humiliations of Nigerian nationals in foreign lands, many young Nigerians still damn the consequences of dying in some African deserts, drowning in the Strait of Gibraltar trying to cross from Morocco to Spain or allowing themselves to be rapped in cartoons and thrown into aeroplane engines as Cargos in search of greener pastures in Europe and America as ordinary asylum seekers because of bad leadership and hopelessness of survival in Nigeria. But the bitter truth is that, east-west, north-south no place is like home. Though, the sick, the mad or even the animals etc. are well taken care of in the western world, these young Nigerians discover too late immediately they arrive that they have made the greatest mistakes of their lives as the pictures they had expected were not what faced them. Sadly most of them were doing very well in Nigeria before the unfortunate ill decision to make it quick. While some people sold their personal properties like shops, cars and house hold items etc., many borrowed money or sold their father’s land to come to Europe or America but only to discover that not all that glitters is gold. And only very few pick the courage to go back and face the consequences while some find themselves in a state of bewilderment between the devil (western world) and Red Blue Sea (Nigeria).
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7 Comments on “Madness in Nigeria (1): Son of a Nigerian politician built a bed with N100m Naira Notes – Global Reporters, Vienna”

  1. emotan77 Says:

    From my Mailbox:

    Aborisade Femi
    2:17 PM (10 hours ago)

    to me,

    This is incredible!

    Thank you, Ma.
    Femi Aborisade



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Dr. Aborisade,

      Thanks. I agree with your choice of adjective. I think the top Bauchi politician must be fished out and made to disprove this story. Thanks to those foreign-based NGO, Vienna-based Global reporters that reported this story and other NGOs like Nigerian-born Sowore’s that continue to break stories that make the looting rulers uncomfortable and, hopefully, change their ways.




  2. emotan77 Says:


    Oluwole Odutolu
    12:16 PM (11 hours ago)

    to me


    It would have been nice if stories like this contain some facts like the name of the young man and especially his father’s name, his post in Bauchi state or elsewhere. So the public outcry can be appropriately directly and maybe we will get some traction on the anti corruption crusade



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Mr. Odutolu.

      This story is from a foreign source, Global Reporters, Vienna, and it was indicated at the top of the story. I could not therefore – assuming I know the kid’s parentage – edit what I did not write. Having said that, I think the kid’s picture makes it easy for Nigeria’s authorities – if President Jonathan is serious about fighting corruption – to know who his parents are and let them tell Nigeria exactly what is going on. It is not difficult to find out the authenticity of the story.

      Mr. Odutolu, I was once a reporter but I’m a commentator and have been so for the last several years. When I know the source of a story, I do not dither or play hide-and-seek and those who have read me over the years, know these.

      I think it is the responsibility of Nigerians who read the papers and blogs to ask the government hard questions; without this, Nigeria’s looting elites would never have to answer for their impoverishment of the country.




  3. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Could this be true? I can’t just imagine this. No I do not want to belief it. It could be photo super-imposition. However, if it is true and the Governor of the State and the President see this without handing over the boy and his politician dad to the security operatives and EFCC to find out the source of this money, then our country is doomed.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks for your contribution.

      That thought – photo trickery or the like – somehow did NOT fleet through my mind for a second. Why? In Nigeria among the looting rich, the “impossible” is the mainstream; the “obscene” is the fad, and the “this-can’t-be-true” is the norm.

      Pardon this reference to Late Yar Adua but a reference point is often needed in matters like this. When the Late Alhaji Yar Adua was in charge of Nigeria, a sub-teen boy reportedly his son, was pictured posing belligerently with wads of U.S. dollars. That picture was never challenged nor denied by the Yar Aduas.

      Even if this guy – the new one out of Bauchi – cut up paper and posed on a make-belief bed of 100 million Naira, the obscenity alone shows the ways of Nigeria’s parvenu, especially those whose arrival route to the moneyed class is via stolen wealth from the country’s resources.





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