“Take America back (9): Obama’s speech at the DNC convention, contd.

September 7, 2012

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I don’t want to regard this as one of your usual rib-cracking jokes.

Did you post that “We are blessed already with such leaders, we should be praying for God’s direction to give us courage and sincere vision to “follow” without sentiment”

Perhaps, I don’t understand your view point or your angle of opinion. Did you mean we should accept to follow Jonathan’s present style of governance? without sentiment? Or are you talking of leaders we have murdered and kept permanently in graveyards?

Further, who are the Clintons and Mitchells you are refering to, in the present Jonathan Regime? Aren’t those reportedly smarting to form a new political party despite being the arrowhead of foisering GEJ on us, the supposed elders of PDP? Is it Chief Edwin Clark you are considering? Who else?  Please remind me of one. Pleeease.


Please listen to these 2 individuals’ speeches at the DN Convention over and over again to understand the basis of my prayer request.






On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 2:49 PM, <tofadelight2002@aol.co.uk> wrote:



I am forwarding these to you as from our Charleansite as it fits into the discussion at hand in your blog. [The Democratic National Convention]



[Thanks, Fatai.  I’m using only one of the contributions as it is written by a regular visitor to this blog from whom I do not need permission.  TOLA.

Dear Fatai,

Good morning, and thanks for letting me be a
part of your share-ers!  I share all the sentiments but I believe, unlike that
poignant book title, that there are many beautiful ones among Nigerians but
carrying money around will permanently prevent them from surfacing
because of CORRUPTION.  It is this hydra-headed monster that we must
fight to eradicate and this won’t be accomplished unless the people take
their angst to those holding us back.

Nobody GIVES you freedom as I once wrote; the Yoruba translation
re independence is “Nwon GBA ominira” not GIVEN independence.  TAKE
is the key word, and the Yoruba saying about getting the palm nuts out of the
kernels says the same thing:  ati gb’omo l’owo ekuro ko gb’oju boro.

By the Baldwin reference in my comments on your comment yesterday,
I mean we must discard the method of relying on so-called union leaders to
lead us when protests are called.  We must all just join to show we’ve had
enough of government of a few that has perfected buying homes here and
abroad to thwart the people’s wishes.

THAT last protest on the scam known as “oil subsidy’ was Nigeria’s – and Nigerians’ –
greatest opportunity to turn the corner but we lost it to the charlatans.

Market women, oldies, students, that important constituency – workers – must know
the last time was lost because they gave up the chance to DEMAND an answer
to OUR question:  Are we doomed to a country of great human and other
resources that will never achieve her potentials and become a nation rather than
this rag tag country where corruption reigns supreme; where a minister purportedly
owns a jet; where the same woman reportedly “worked from home” even as Jonathan’s
cabinet was being reconstituted and the rested NEXT papers published unchallenged
and undisputed damaging information about the same woman, Ms. Madueke, who
headed the oil ministry?

Listen, Fatai, those who loot know that there will always be hues and cries but they
would die, and so, Nigerian RULERS will never mend their corrupt ways, I’m sorry
to say.

I think I’ll post your part of the discussion and slap my thoughts on as we cannot keep
these discussions private.

Have a great weekend. Greetings to you and the family.
Aunt Tola.

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