November 7, 2012

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Obama wins, we win, the world wins!  Americans say ‘no’ to narrow-mindedness, to war-mongering and ‘yes’ to the plural society that has enriched America and served it well over many decades.  The Tea Party’s end is near.

President Obama, come on and take bold steps that will guarantee a great legacy that you deserve.

Welcome back and congratulations.


Below is my letter to readers of this blog on a super-mailing list.  I generally do not share it but I ask for understanding.  Please note that you can join the list and do note that addresses are sent bcc, and therefore do not show.


Dear Friends,

I’m two for two in electoral victories within a two-week period and it gives me incredible satisfaction: first, my native state of Ondo won when
her incumbent governor, Dr. Mimiko got the people’s overwhelming support for the way he had run the Nigerian state, governance style that had drawn a lot of attention from this blogger and now, President Obama won over a very spirited but divisive candidate, former Governor Romney.  One vote is not a whole lot but this blogger saw Obama’s vision of America as representing what America needs and from 2004 when I wrote:,

I’ve written several essays in my former newspaper columns and here.
I send my sympathies to my blog readers who are Republicans but “taking America back” must not be about disenfranchising a swathe of the
American populations or digging from the cemetery templates from America’s dark past which the extreme right of the GOP to which Romney hitched his political boat.

Sincere regards,



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6 Comments on “OBAMA WINS!”

  1. emotan77 Says:

    From my Mailbox

    Dear Tola,

    How very gratifying and most joyous these two victories indeed.
    God undoubtedly is involved in the “affairs of men”




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sis.,

      Very gratifying, indeed. He does “move in mysterious ways…”
      In America, He brought an end to what was becoming a madness and in Nigeria’s Ondo State, He looked upon those who have become a voiceless group in Nigeria – the majority – with pity and let their will prevail.

      Fond regards as always.



  2. emotan77 Says:

    From my Mailbox:

    I congratulate President Obama for this victory in a hard earned battle. It was not an easy win. Is President Jonathan there? There are lots of lessons he and Nigeria should learn in this American election. Though, the gap between Democracy in America and Nigeria is so wide; too wide to describe, however, since we like to copy everything from the advanced countries, we should copy their style of election organisation and planning. Election was held yesterday and the result got to the whole world immediately even as the election was going on. There is nothing stopping us from achieving this feat. But alas, the corruption, the do or die politics, rigging, sitting tight and winner takes all syndrome in us, had taken over everything in us.

    Another simple lesson is that, Romney had accepted defeat and had congratulated Obama. Alas, in Nigeria what we will be thinking of now is to go to the

    tribunal. Has ACN accepted defeat and congratulated Gov Mimiko up till now? Licking the pains and wounds of their defeat prevented them from conceding defeat. How do they expect to unseat a performer just like that.

    President Jonathan should wake up and write his name in gold in the anal of history of the country by giving us a good electoral reform, reducing the level of corruption by implementing all various recommendations on corrupt practices and oil subsidy. If he achieves these within the next two years 2013 and

    2014, he will be the best democratic President so far elected in Nigeria.

    Fatai Bakare.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks v. much for these comments that are very relevant to political goings-on in Nigeria. Obama’s victory is, indeed, a joy to us all and, perhaps more poignantly, a big lesson for Nigeria, nay, African leaders.




  3. emotan77 Says:

    From my Mailbox

    Hi Folks,

    I cannot but congratulate the American voters, for which you represent a reliable electoral index, on the re-election of Barack Obama. Again, America has risen up to that moral challenge to embrace the equality of man as created by God and to eschew politics dictated by irrational fears and primordial sentiments.

    This is again, a commendation of the plurality of the American society which is now serving to align old habits, stereotyped customs, and racial dispositions with prevailing global trends. Sure, there still will be those of the Southern US confederate mentality like the disturbed Donald Trump and the cranky action- movie hero, Clint Eastwood, however, America as a society, is moving steadily towards the destination promised in that beautifully-crafted Declaration of Independence.

    As for the performance of the Obama administration, I am happy that enough voters realized the constraining circumstances of his first tenure and are willing to entrust their future into his hands. It will be a relief to many people including Toyin that Mitt Romney will not actualize his desire to cancel her Obamacare as his first executive act in office after all!
    It is difficult, given the similar political trajectories of the careers of the two elections not to have a mental comparison of our local Mimiko with the global Obama; at least, as far as their political stars are concerned. The over-celebration of the perceived poor debate performance of Obama in that first encounter by the Romney group and the Republican media, has now been proven rather unnecessary, premature and irrelevant.




    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Mr. Taoheed.

      A parallel does exist, as you’ve pointed out because both were incumbents, both had incredible obstacles arrayed against them and both had a lot of the press against them. They overcame all the odds and won due to the massive support they had from the electorate, support that did not reflect in the media.




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