An errata on “Barrack Obama: a distant drum suddenly sounds very near – Tola Adenle

November 8, 2012


I often re-check postings on this blog, especially those that I find readers viewing even several months after they have been posted.

Some days ago, I found traffic on:,

and clicked because of the  ‘2004’  on the link but at the bottom where I always include the dates of materials from my old newspaper columns was ‘February 2008’.  I second-guessed myself and “corrected” the date to when that title was first written, 2004!  I was very wrong.

The Distant drums … essay had been written in the Summer of 2004 for The Comet which later metamorphosed to The Nation and the italicized portion in the essay as presented on this blog was the way it appeared in The Nation in February 2008 as Obama started his quest for the U.S. presidency.

For the series on U.S. elections 2012 series, “Take America back …” – a phrase from the extreme right of the right-wing GOP – I decided on using the 2008 essay as it contains a lot of my thoughts for the 2004 essay when Obama was still running for the U.S. Senate and gave THAT speech to the Democratic convention where John Kerry was nominated as the party’s candidate.

The tags here are exactly the same as on the essay.

Error regretted.

Tola Adenle, November 8, 2012.

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