It’s not too early to say 2016 is Hillary’s – and women’s – chance at America’s presidency! – Tola Adenle

November 9, 2012

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While savoring the giddy feeling of Obama’s re-election, the Democrats must already be looking ahead to 2016 just as the Republicans (GOP) are because there’s not a moment to lose.

Hillary Clinton has acquitted herself very well as Secretary of State, and done women all over the world proud the way she handled America’s seemingly unending foreign affairs crises all over the world.

And so has Bill, a former president who was seen as an Obama foe by millions – including this blogger – as recently as an August outburst caught by an English paper but all is forgiven now.  He went on the campaign trail, especially in the dying days of the of the campaign and took on Obama’s opponents, answering questions the president dared not respond to and using earthy language that Obama perhaps does not possess nor could he use.  His voice became hoarse in the service of his President.

I can’t wait to see the first ever First Guy of the United States-to-be during the Democratic Primaries in 2015, and in the debate against the GOP candidate: the Jeb Bushes of the “moderate” GOP and the Paul Ryans of the ultra right GOP  … Hillary would give him a “shellacking”!

By the way, a Jeb Bush presidency?  Impossible, bordering on eerie to have 3 Bushes within a generation rule the United States.  That would be an unprecedented glory that neither of the two earlier ones – 41st & 43rd – worked for, earned or deserves.   A Bush at the White House would not be in the interest of the world, either.  No more wars!

The time for the American woman to ascend to the presidency of the United States of America has been long due.  And Hillary has to lead the charge of the millions who have longed for the breakthrough.

Whoever the GOP may choose,  from the Right to the Far Right, please bring him on!

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3 Comments on “It’s not too early to say 2016 is Hillary’s – and women’s – chance at America’s presidency! – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Anti, just to pull your legs. Is this not female chauvinism? Well I will also support Mama Clinton for the coveted seat at the White House?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks, thanks and even more thanks!

      Of course I guess the male version would think it thus and I dare not disagree!

      Is it not high time America lives up to her billings: the constitutional words of all being created equal, etcetera, etcetera? Little Ceylon of my elementary school years (now Bangladesh) had Mrs. Bandaraike as Prime Minister – I can still remember her name and if the same memory stands me well, I left that level of schooling in 1958; there was Mrs. Thatcher for Britain, the world’s oldest democracy three decades ago and many since then.

      In good ol’ USA, many fought for the rights of women to vote and in Hillary is found that single-minded spirit of can-do and the will to fight. Happily, she belongs in a party that has been on the side of the down-trodden for generations.

      I believe women can learn a lot from our male folks: that you do not need to be afraid to be labelled aggressive in the pursuit of a goal, a trait that would earn a man, ‘pushful’.

      I do not hate chauvinism, Dear Fatai: I’m married to one with a bit of it, my father had a bit of it, my brothers belong, also a bit in the category, etcetera. Luckily, I’m not related to the out-and-out chauvinists (!) but I say, this trait has served them all very well as it has served ALL men and there must, therefore, be something great about chauvinism! Women should copy the good part, okay?

      If you missed it, please check out
      and see how pissed off at the right-wing GOP suffragettes of the past remained to the end. It’s an essay from 2004 in my old newspaper column.

      Regards, as always.




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