Dr. Okonjo-Iweala’s mother could not have been kidnapped because of the oil subsidy payments – Fatai Bakare

There have been wide coverage of the press conference of Dr. Okonjo-Iweala after her mother’s release by the rampaging criminals that have spread fear in Nigeria. The Director of the Economy and Minister of Finance was reported to have attributed her mother’s kidnapping to those who accused her of
delaying fuel subsidy payment and for failing to release SURE-P funds.

I guess this reason that her job is to blame for her mother’s kidnapping makes Nigerian government liable to pay ransom thereby contributing to why the kidnapping of rich people’s family members has become a lucrative business.

While I do not support the acts of kidnappings of either highly or lowly-placed people of the Nigerian society because t is traumatising,barbaric and a bad and expensive trend in the society, it is eve sadder to kidnap somebody of 80 years of age! Do these kidnappers think of ever growing old and do they have the milk of human kindness flowing through their veins?

Now come to the reported press conference itself, it appears to me that some or all of these people in government take Nigerians as fools who cannot read between the lines of their speeches and decipher their mind sets. I take the reasons adduced by the Minister of Finance for the kidnap of her aged mother as if it were given to a seven or ten-year old kids.

Dr. Okonjo-Iweala should tell the world to which she crafted the words of her press release:

  • Are the members of the Nigerian public the direct beneficiaries as she has acknowledged the real subsidy receivers?
  • Why is she talking of “delayed subsidy payments”?
  • Are the kidnappers employed by the masses?
  • If those that are to be paid were the organisers of the kidnapping, what is the relationship of it making her more patriotic to the interest of the masses. ” O f’ete sile pa lapalapa” (giving an unconvincing lie instead of a cogent truth or giving the world a red herring).
  • Finally, was a payment made to secure her mother’s release, and if so, how much and WHO PAID since government called out all sorts of security agencies?   “Eniti ko ba jeun gbi, ko le ku gbi” (one cannot not die for a sin he has not committed).

Rather than playing the Nigerian masses for fools, I think the woman should realize that the reasons she has sent out to the world has no bearing on the reason for her mother’s kidnap nor the eradication of the sufferings of the masses of the society.  To us Nigerians, she is the one who does not appear to be smart in spite of all her brilliance if she can believe that those excuses she gave would be bought by the masses.  People felt sorry for her old mother because of her age and because it can happen to anybody but her press conference has made many wonder if it was staged because of the subsidy scam.
Right now in Nigeria, there are many prominent people with kidnappers who want their own share of what they believe those in high offices have looted from the treasury. Pure and simple.  The wife of retired Brigadier Oluwole Rotimi, a former ambassador to America is among many being held.

If the ordinary man in the street is asked, he would say ransom was paid by government because that is what many who are professionals are wondering in discussions in Nigeria.

These government people should stop lying and deceiving people they take as idiots.  What has subsidy payment got to do with kidnapping?  Why is Mrs. Oluwole being held in Ibadan, Oyo State?  Why is an aide to an Eastern governor being held? Etc.?  This menace would not be stopped until government is ready to face the fact:  the massive wastage, pampering top government officials, politicians and looting is at the root of the kidnapping menace because the criminals believe it’s the only way they can get their hands on what belongs to them too.

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4 Comments on “Dr. Okonjo-Iweala’s mother could not have been kidnapped because of the oil subsidy payments – Fatai Bakare”

  1. Kingsley Okoro Says:

    This is not a plausible argument. The minister obviously has good reasons to link the abduction to the fuel subsidy palaver especially when you consider the fact that she had just been threatened before the incident.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks for this Mr. Okoro.

      That’s your opinion just as the essay contains Mr. Bakare’s opinions arrived at from discussions with other Nigerians like you and me. I wonder, too, why Dr. Iweala’s mother would be kidnapped for non-payment of subsidy and why other people, especially those related to people of means are being kidnapped.




  2. Afolabi ayoola Says:

    Let sleeping Dog lies. Okonjo should learn to use her tongue to count her teeth. She will come to understand Nigerians in a hard way because Jonathan knew that he cannot force Nigerians to his his side, but must earn their confidence by carrying people along in his administration. Nigerins are waiting for his next line of action in fighting this problem of kidnapping.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Mr. Afolabi.

      A first step in fighting the kidnapping scourge is to acknowledge the root cause it instead of feeding it through ransom payments. Once kidnapping is acknowledged as a direct result of poverty and greed of criminal elements who see looters parading the land unchecked as people like them, then President Jonathan would be on the way to enacting programs that would aid the masses. Of course, his promise to fight corruption has to go hand-in-hand with this. Corruption is at the root of MOST of Nigeria’s problems.

      If the following words ascribed to President Jonathan is true, then he has told Nigerians in simple language that he’s tired of leading the country because each successive leader must leave his own mark and not worry about what others before are saying:

      Sometimes, even people who have held offices in government criticise me to the extent of personal abuses. Sometimes I ask, were there roads across the country and Jonathan brought flood to wipe out these roads? Or we had power and I brought hurricane to break down the entire infrastructure? –

      Above, if true, are not words expected of a country’s president; they show he’s sick and tired of people’s expectations of him.




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