Nigeria’s pseudo “federalism” gets worse under Jonathan! – Tola Adenle

Okupe on Southwest Marginalization (1) – Idowu Akinlotan, The Nation on Sunday.

“… no Yoruba is represented in the first 12 top positions that constitute the country’s power hierarchy, yet other powers in the country flow from these 12 positions. It also says that the Yoruba head only three of the 36 MDAs (ministries, departments and agencies), yet these MDAs constitute the principal economic and financial agencies in the country. In addition, says the publication, no Yoruba is represented in the controlling echelons of the judiciary and anti-corruption agencies, and many more, including alarmingly the security agencies …”

For the whole story, and response from the requisite Yoruba presidential spokesman, loquacious and often speak-without-thinking Doyin Okupe is out with not unexpected illogicality and bare-faced lies in Idowu Akinlotan’s essay below.  As I’ve had reason to wonder aloud several times over the years, why is it that Yoruba always get appointed to what always turn out to be a dog-house of a position?  Check some recent ones out and do let me know any of the following characters that left the Squealer-type position [from Orwell’s Animal Farm] better than clad in stench:  Onabule, two-termer joker known as “Did Awo-not-go-to-jail-Okupe, Alhaji Adeniyi of Late Yar Adua’s spokesperson who knew nothing of his boss’s illness and the take-over of government by Yar Adua’s inner circle, including his wife but excluded VP Jonathan, but Adeniyi was never deterred by such a little thing as that in his public pronouncements.   And, last, but by no means the least, of course, was return-to-swallow-your-V—- Abati   who remains forever drenched in stench as Jonathan’s media aide and now sharer of the position – don’t know how they do the sharing  – with Attack Dog Doyin Okupe.

As I was “not on seat” – a Nigerian/English for ‘not around’ – in Nigeria during Chief Onabule’s Squealer-ship, pardon me, I really should not include him in the group but he’s there because of his “race”, a Nigerian term for any of the major ethnic groups.

By the way, “should in case” – to use another Nigerian Inexactitude for “just in case” – there’s anyone who has not read Orwell’s Animal Farm, Squealer belonged to the super class of animals (pigs) who took over ruling on a big farm after all the animals had chased out Jones, the farm owner to have a more equitable set-up.  Fat chance!  As spokes-pig for the ruling elites, he is immortalized as one who would call black, white.  Yar Adua’s Adeniyi made me come up with the name and I’ve since stuck to it since those incredible is-he-dead-in-Saudi OR is-he-aware-of-your-trip-to-watch-the-Eagles-in-Southern Africa days?

The so-called “federal” Republic of Nigeria has been a bad joke, especially on the Yoruba Southwest, a situation that has gotten worse under the presidency of  Jonathan despite his usual harping on a “unity” that is neither apparent nor deserved.  Whatever is left of “Federal” Nigeria may soon dissipate despite the billions being planned for spending on the centenary of her unfortunate birth by the British.

Contrary to the warped thinking of Political Jobber, Doyin, the onus of proving he has no hidden agenda nor does he hate the Yoruba rests squarely on Jonathan’s shoulders.  He’s been at it for quite a while but the “race” generally does not see a big stick meant for its collective two eyes until the irises are poked.  During his “fresh air on Nigeria” campaign in 2011 – it’s recent enough to remind us all how Jonathan  dismissed Yoruba right at Ibadan, the capital of the Yoruba region where he dismissed Yoruba governors and leaders as “political rascals”, and I did wonder aloud back then in a weekly essay how he would dare say that in the heart of Yorubaland.  His godfather was alive and well to ensure he “won”; so  he knew what he was saying and has now shown those who “voted for Jonathan, not the PDP” that THAT was the real Jonathan, a president for a “federal” Nigeria with puny ideas.

He is the one who has the onus of proving he has no hidden agendas and no hatred of one of the major ethnic groups in the country.

Please check out Akinlotan’s Palladium from The Nation on Sunday.  TOLA.

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4 Comments on “Nigeria’s pseudo “federalism” gets worse under Jonathan! – Tola Adenle”

  1. Nigeria Federalism Says:

    Seriously, “federalism” has been a bad joke.



  2. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Human memories are too short or they deliberately act to make it so. Dr Doyin Okupe is in the same league as those who sang the song ” bamubamu laayo, awa o mo pe ebi npa omo enikankan, bamubamu laayo” (we are in abundance not knowing anybody is suffering) in the past. Where are they today? He should also realise that “iyan ogun odun a maa jo’ni lowo” (the seed of evil sown today will be reaped tomorrow). The good thing about the Yoruba race is that they are politically mature and ever forgiving, otherwise people like Dr Okupe should have been long forgotten as a Yoruba man. Also I hope the Yoruba leaders who said they voted for President Jobathan and not PDP must have realised the injustice done by abondoning their Presidential candidate,(ACN) Nuhu Ribadu. And needless to remind us all that a stern (CPC) Buhari face is far much better than a friendly Jonathan face as President.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      How I wished we could share your Yoruba expressions here, especially the “iyan ogun odun bit! Unfortunately, I cannot do better than you have done, and thanks for this.

      Okupe and his fellow traveller, Abati – and their ilk are making their own social, not to talk of political beds now. They are better ignored now as they tread the paths of material comfort, forgetting that another Yoruba saying goes: o nwa ola/owo lo, o pade iyi l’ona or something to that effect – In a person’s chase of material things, he/she may miss the ultimate goals that material things provide if the person is too obdurate! My translations are never that great as you know.

      Sincere regards,



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