Blog Landmark: a single post reaches a thousand-mark readers! – Tola Adenle

March 12, 2013

Yoruba Engagement aso oke

Well, we did it, and a big thanks to you all, dear friends: those who knock various doors/ – links, search engines and words of mouth – to reach me; those on my chunky e-rolodex – an ancient term in a high-tech age, and constitute the base of my readers by getting most postings on the blog, AND all those who have always kept me abreast of news report I would have missed which often resulted in comments from me or simply add to reading materials not written by me: Opawoye/Ajetunmobi Group, et al.
The quality of input I get from these guys, especially on Nigeria, is high, patriotic and almost always very dispassionate.

Perhaps a lot of thanks are owed to, perhaps the web’s most user-friendly and basically-free link to pros and amateurs alike for making statistical presentations so accessible.

My brother has been so impressed with the quality of statistics I churn out that he once asked:  “how much d’you pay to have all these graphics done?”

Basically free but mine is affordable to just about anybody despite a few upgrades from the basic.

All statistics offered are from wordpress, and it makes me glad I did not go for a Nigerian outfit when I was still on very unsure ground, and believed I would need to see/speak often by phone to whoever handles the blog because of my lack of capacity; no such need ever arose.

Now, to the story:  today, “Yoruba Engagement aso oke” –

just clocked 1,012 viewers since it was first posted on October 29, 2012!

Yoruba Engagement aso oke scales a thousand mark

On blog sites that I visit almost daily like the Huffington Post, Yahoo News, & others, a thousand readers for a story is piddling but it is a very commendable figure here – pardon my being the one saying so.

1.  The layout I use does not afford a spread that displays old topics beyond, say, a week on the Home Page which is why I’m now working frantically on the categorizing that should allow easier navigation. It should be done by month’s end, hopefully; I’m about half way right now.

2.  The format I’ve used therefore meant/means readers/visitors not on my mailing list get to me through search engines/links, etcetera, and for those more versed in these matters than the laggards of the info highway like me – it is an achievement to be found among the zillions of blogs on the web.

It is the most popular sub-set of the “Yoruba History & Culture” Category.

Please find attached the posting that also included other four postings; it’s not surprising what is the Number 2 story.  Posted on December 2, 2011 which continues to attract readers:

In 2 1/2 weeks, turns two; how time flies!

I thank you all, and hope you’ll stay tuned in.


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