Legislators cannot effect change in the system as it is rigged for failure – Femi Ojudu of Nigeria’s Senate

Elected and (s)elected senators, House of Reps members & even those at state local levels are hamstrung by rampaging and greedy leaders as well as the executive at all levels.  Yet, the system hobbles along waiting for a bottoms-up change which, in Nigeria’s case, may never come as that spells nothing but violent and bloody change.

The deep frustration and finger-pointing in Senator Ojudu’s wide-ranging interview are scary and bodes ill for Nigeria not only because of the cost to the country of maintaining these politicians but because none is willing to bell the cat.

It is true that the evil PDP controls both the executive and the legislative AND – even the judiciary and to quote Ojudu,  “People are looking for one gain or the other, which are personal. People are still more concerned about the problems of survival, managing and increasing what they have. So, collaboration becomes so difficult”


How come that EVEN JUST A FEW so-called progressives cannot make their stands known on major issues that come up before the legislative bodies?  How come the ACN members cannot reject many of the mind-boggling perks that “lawmakers” routinely vote for themselves?  How come these blokes do not let the public know their decision on the immunity they’ve now passed?  After all, most Nigerians view immunity clauses for the executive, and now “lawmakers” – as nothing but immunity to loot.

Lastly, why would these so-called progressives NOT reject these crime-against-the-masses salaries and perks OR resign if things are that bad.

Senator Ojudu, you are one of the very few – even within the so-called progressive rank – I respect but I do not buy your feeling of exasperation and helplessness.  The direction this country goes should be shaped from the top, and a “lawmaker” of your caliber that is waiting for a revolution has no business remaining among the ranks of those “more concerned about the problems of survival …”

I’ve long run out of tears for Nigeria.


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4 Comments on “Legislators cannot effect change in the system as it is rigged for failure – Femi Ojudu of Nigeria’s Senate”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    There must be something behind their frivolous visits to developed countries. I found it hard to believe that they are not taking our money there despite the war against money laundering. Who is caught is the thief as the saying goes. Oyinlola out of about seven years he spent as the governor of Osun State travelled overseas for up to 365 days or more when added together without any foreign investor to the State.

    As for the so-called progressives in the legislative houses, they pretended as if there is nothing like jumbo pay. A day of reckoning will come, and it’s fast approaching.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      A good day to you.

      I know. Used to wonder about all those Oyinlola foreign trips but the figure you have is more than mind-boggling of the six years he pillaged and ruined Osun with nothing left behind but a going-away borrowing of N19 billion. But I am repeating myself because the frequent trips lay at the bottom of the pillaging.

      I’m really amazed at Dele’s revelation yesterday about Fayemi of Ekiti planning to travel to the same Boston area where Aregbesola just visited. I believe you guys in Diaspora should stop humoring these governors on their repeated trips or if and when you do, ASK THEM the purposes of these trips and wonder aloud how they help their various states. There must be those among you, of course, who profit from these trips one way or another, and rallying the troops would be part of their duties.

      “Progressives”? Let us forget that tag as the major difference between them and the evil PDP is that murdering people is not part of the m.o. Beyond that, the jury, this time, is almost back in with: ALMOST EQUALLY GUILTY AS THE PDP”!




  2. Dele-Daramola Says:

    2015 is here! That of course is a defense-mechanism. I can almost swear, something is there in Abuja that intoxicates or better put, power; sweet and blinding so much like the proverbial fly that follows the corpse to the grave…gosh!

    See, just yesterday (Monday night), Ekiti indigenes were mobilizing themselves to receive their governor in Massachussette – exactly four weeks after his Osun counterpart in the same Boston! They come here like here is where they got their votes and are supposed to govern…the progressives…my black b- – -! Shio– pronounced sh-e-aw, to indicate something in very bad taste!



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dele, o ga, o! – Ain’t that something, Dele! There must be something you real Yankees have up there in Boston!

      On a more serious note, I agree that Nigerian presidents (starting with retired General Obasanjo) and state governors make far too many overseas trips and at public expense. It’s not just the two you’ve mentioned and it’s not just during this dispensation. What do they want? Speaking to investors? If the atmosphere is right, investors would flock to our shores, or as I’ve often written using a movie analogy, “if we build it, they – investors – would be the one rushing here.

      Thanks, as always,



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