Jonathan’s “transformation agenda” & pardon for a convicted looter smacks of Nigeria’s descent into rudderlessness

Jonathan stirs storm over controversial state pardon for Alamieyeseigha, others

Published: March 13,2013


Jonathan’s campaign poster for presidency: Picture from emotanafricana Library, Depo Adenle at Ibadan:

A promise, & a colossal betrayal! – TOLA,

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6 Comments on “Jonathan’s “transformation agenda” & pardon for a convicted looter smacks of Nigeria’s descent into rudderlessness”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Like one of the commentators in the story said, there is nothing we can do about it as the President has the prerogative power to do so even if the legislators voted against it.So we should avert killing and maiming the members of the public by not staging a protest against it. This is one of the wonders in Nigeria. Celebration of criminality.

    This is an indication that President Jonathan is not a clean man and has set this as a precedent in case he is picked up and found guilty of corruption after leaving the office. But may our God forbid bad thing as he will rot in jail by His Grace after 2015.

    A real fresh air we are breathing in Nigeria! Where are the ACN party leaders, especially Chief Bisi Akande who said they ordered ACN members in the South West to vote for Jonathan because he is a nice man? Is this how to play nice? Our Lord is watching. When their cups overflow, posterity will not forgive them and they will pass away unmourned.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      What feeling of hopelessness and helplessness must have driven these words!

      What the president and others in positions of authority fail to grasp is that a “prerogative power” which is driven by impunity that has made tin gods of them. If you have the power to do something should not be taken to mean you undertake actions that bring a country you rule or states you govern to disrepute but these are days of the locusts – pardon the cliche – in Nigeria.

      I’ve deliberately decided not to read the news report after someone called to let me know “Jonathan says he does not care what people say”! If the guy really said so, my belief on many occasions, including when he said “he does not give a damn …” is repeated again: it’s time for him to personally throw in the towel.




      • Fatai Bakare Says:

        Anti, he will not. Too many skeletons in his cupboard. Well, I might be wrong to say that he would rather be wishing to die on the chair as it is the only way to prevent shame and calamity on his personality. Time will tell.


      • emotan77 Says:

        Thanks, Dear Fatai.

        The Nigerian situation is so dire like a wreckage involving several vehicles piled on top of each other that a layer-by-layer sorting out and removal of destroyed vehicles is needed before the bottom one can be removed.

        Time, as you say, is the necessity for all the mess.



  2. Ajipeya Afunleyin Says:

    What kind of message are we sending to our young ones? If a brazen thief can get the President’s or National pardon why not only steal but make sure you steal big, because the bigger your loot the more you are close to being considered clean in our country.

    What bothers me is that these chronic thieves always go scot-free and become the chieftains of the big political parties as well as VIP in our churches.

    L’ehin okun biri biri imole a tan. Omo Nigeria e ronu.



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