If it’s March, it’s time for that fine madness – [college basketball] March Madness! – Tola Adenle

March 18, 2013


It seems we never grow out of certain things like mothers’ cooking, and college hoops is one of such for me.  Even if I do not follow ESPN all season on which college is up or which is down, I wake up when March Madness starts and somehow fits right in!

No, do not get me wrong.  I do not fit in enough to be able to score The Brackets right.  While in long-gone years, I’ll pick up a ball-point – I’m no nerd and not into pencils – and score the brackets to over 90 percent, these days, I join in for the passion that college hoops have in quantum: the tears, the endless trips to the baskets with no points scored, the Ivy Leagues thrown in NOT often for their positions in their Conferences but hei, having a Rutgers in March Madness does not the image the NCAA tries to project … AND the Cinderallas.

And while I may not really score the brackets, I look for my favorites and THEIR favorites, that is, the perennials.

Okay, this year’s bracket has my all-time favorite, The Gators (Florida) seeded #3 in the South region (SR) and will make mincemeat of a what-must-be-a-Cinderella; where the heck is Northwestern State? (Do not be deceived non-USA readers or those familiar with U.S. colleges; Northwestern State is NOT Northwestern Uni!)

Here are my picks for the SR:  The Gators, Kansas, Georgetown (D.C. hometown team) and North Carolina, for old times sake.

Keep in mind, this is a score sheet from the heart.

From the East Region (ER): the Rebels of UN-Las Vegas will beat Berkeley (California) IF they are not refereed out  – that’s always sentimentalists’ excuse for defeat; Kansas;  Indiana & Syracuse.

Midwest Region:  Duke (Coach K always a winner & as a UNLV fan, of course I hate Duke but my feelings will count for nothing in this); Louisville, Memphis and Michigan State.

Finally, the West:  Okay, forget Harvard, the requisite Ivy League.  Even if I did not watch a single Harvard match, I know it won’t be different from a “good” Rutgers or Ivy Leaguers who seem to specialize in endless passes that try to frustrate fast moving teams which are most teams who go to the tournament. A Cinderella, if ever there was one but this one isn’t getting out of the Group of 64! So, Harvard is out , but who’s in?

The chilli-eaters of New Mexico, Gonzaga, Arizona & Ohio State.  See, I managed to include two sentimental favorites although there was a time I did not like them: New Mexico and Arizona from the Western United States.


Duke, Gonzaga, The Florida Gators & Indiana

I won’t go with any permutations from the experts at ESPN, etcetera, so do not bet on my bets as they are nothing but heartstrings-pulled: The Gators of the University of Florida will take the 2013 championship in a final against Duke – it would be one more reason not to like Duke even though they will lose!

Those are my draws, friends.  Not informed but definitely very interesting.

TOLA, March 18, 2013, 10.35 p.m.

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2013 March Madness

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