What were George W. Bush’s qualifications for president of the United States of America? – Tola Adenle

April 2, 2013


The bellyaching on the web about Caroline Kennedy’s “un-qualification” for US ambassadorship to Japan has raged beyond commonsensical.  To start with, American presidents have always – always – used most ambassadorial slots to say ‘thank you’ to donors to their political campaigns or for active participation in campaigns that brought them to office.  The attacks on Kennedy have become ridiculous with quite a few going beyond she-got-it-because-of-her-name or she-bought-it-with-donations to attacks on her person: how she looks, why she cannot use some of her wealth to get plastic surgery, etcetera.  The nice thing is that such people, including Hollywood types generally do NOT read news comments.  I do – or else I would not have been pushed to write this.

Okay, President George W. attended Yale where he was a cheerleader – those guys who throw young ladies up at games and parades, and are ever ready to catch them to prevent injuries, seriously – but how did he get there, and what did he do to “qualify” to run for Texas’ governor?  With Radcliffe, Harvard and Columbia in Caroline’s resume, these two very dissimilar Americans did what most American kids from privileged backgrounds have always done:  attend the best U.S. colleges (‘universities’ in English world parlance) even when their College Boards (SATs, etcetera) do not measure up!  Of course I have no idea what the scores for these two were.  Caroline’s records speak for her while everybody knows about George W.’s equivalent of “military service” but these are fairly beside the point;  being born privileged should not count against you if and when you decide to answer the call to serve your country in whatever capacity.

What seems NOW “wrong” with Kennedy’s appointment IS President Obama whose every attempt to work at leaving a legacy is being thwarted by the far right of the American political spectrum.  Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg has worked the 9-5 stints, written ten books, including a text on The Bill of Rights.  She is well-known for her commitment to her community through contributions of time and money through her main interest, the arts.

W’s legacy?  A near-bankrupt America and a world in financial mess.

President Bush (George W., that is) got no widespread outcries when he went to town – so to say – during his two terms as America’s President filling ambassadorial slots with all sorts of cronies, including not just fat donors to his campaigns – his right and a seeming American tradition – but also a room-mate from Yale and TWO members of W’s Yale Club, “Skulls and Bones”.

The link below – scholarsandrogues.com – shows the extent to which W and his father, President Bush, to a lesser degree, gave out ambassadorial postings in comparison to President Clinton. By the way, the story has a 2007 dateline, six years before the present Caroline Kennedy appointment.


Here is my own contribution to a story on yahoo News after I’d read random thirty comments MOST of which attacked not just the appointment but also President Obama and/or Caroline Kennedy:

Caroline Kennedy

[Credit:  Amanda Edwards, Getty Images]

My God, I never saw her as in this ABC photograph: she does look like Jackie O!  And by the way, all the loose comments about her “lack of” qualifications are strange.  I do not need to go on about HERS – academic, involvement in the arts to benefit her community, etcetera, etcetera – but the highest office in America, IN THE WORLD, once went to a guy named George W. Bush.  Now, we can talk of academic qualifications or “serving” his country. 

Come off, guys, these are petty remarks; I do not want to say envious, or never wanting to see anything good in the other side.

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2 Comments on “What were George W. Bush’s qualifications for president of the United States of America? – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    I am short of words for interpretation. Honestly, “ayo lo npa awon to nfowo janu” (those against the appointment are jesters). I will just like to wish President Obama the will to continue to do what he believes majority of Americans have voted for him to do which is to always consider the interest of their country in all decisions. I believe Ms. Kennedy is quite up to the task and should continue with her good work.

    How I wish my country Nigeria has people like them at the helms of affairs!



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