Again, much thanks on my blog’s second anniversary – Tola Adenle

Although I’ve expressed thanks to all my readers and contributors to these past two years, I owe a debt of special gratitude to my contributors and those always sending or phoning from Nigeria and overseas to give me news even though they know that mine is not a news blog. That’s how this blog has broken news quite a few times in the recent past.  Just today, almost as soon as Margaret Thatcher’s translation was announced, one of the blog’s everyday readers and a commentator who has become a like a “younger brother” called to announce the world news.

I’m using this medium to thank a few people whose interests have gone far and beyond checking out a blog on being referred to it and “adopting” the blog as their go-to source for the kind of opinions that this site has become known for.

High on a list I cannot  exhaust are, in no particular order: The Ajetunmobi/Opawoye Group, a loose description of multiple groups but with the two, and especially, Dr. Opawoye as pivots.  Dr. Ajetunmobi – whom I address as “Prof” in personal correspondences as he teaches Law at the University of Portsmouth, bested Dr. Opawoye, a medical doctor based in the U.S.A. by being the contributor of an essay that attracted the most readers from a reader, that is, not written by me.  His “Response to Gbenga Sesan’s Open Letter to President Jonathan” in which Mr. Sesan openly begs the president to step up because “Nigeria needs your leadership” on November 18, 2011 attracted three hundred and eighty-three (383) readers, making it Number 10 on the blog’s All-Time Reading List.  Prof’s  conclusion of “Is Islamic banking relevant in Nigeria is Number 16 with 281 readers.

I am not sure Ajetunmobi has anything to worry about concerning the top 9 essays because none of my REAL essays on politics and the like could go near those nine as they’ve taken lives of their own!  Number 1 among them, “Yoruba engagement aso oke…”  which hit a 1000 readers a couple of weeks ago has now reached a staggering 1328.  Here are the top 10”:

Yoruba engagement aso oke, etcetera – Tola Adenle 1,328
A list of those who have continued to profit from Nigerians’ collective misery thru the “Oil Subsidy” lie – Tola Adenle 826
Yoruba Classic Aso Oke (3 of 3, contd): Alaari [Ondo Variation] – Tola Adenle 718
Yoruba Classic Aso oke (2 of 3): Etu – Tola Adenle 716
The Story of Emotan – Tola Adenle 715
Yoruba Classic Aso Oke [3 of 3]: Alaari – Tola Adenle 471
Why do immigrant kids perform so well in America (2): The Nigerian example – Tola Adenle 459
Yoruba Classic Aso Oke (1 of 3) – Sanyan – Tola Adenle 453
Obit: High Chief Lisa of Ondo Kingdom, Bayo Akinnola, passes on! – Tola Adenle 384
Response to Gbenga Sesan’s “Open Letter to President Jonathan” – Abdsalam Ajetunmobi 383


And with his second high readership essay at 281 it is apparent his writings do attract wide followership.  These are all very high numbers in Nigeria, the country that is the subject of most of the essays, especially politics, on the blog.

Also in that Ajetunmobi/Opawoye Group, a group where siddon look is not an option, are many of whom I’ll just name a handful: Professor Falade, Fatai Bakare, Adeyemi Adetoye and Dele Daramola.  The group contributes discussions, writings, comments and, above all, reads the postings.  It is not surprising that the single highest number of comments is from a member of the group; at 157, it’s about a hundred more than the next person’s number.

[For the benefit of the blog’s many foreign readers, siddon look is a description meaning an onlooker who has no comments, and was coined during the evil regime of General Abacha by a late very popular politician, Bola Ige, popular known by the sobriquet, Uncle Bola; he was assassinated during the Obasanjo-led PDP government and most fingers of the opposition to this day, point in the direction of government]

I thank you all: writers, commentators and above all, readers.

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2 Comments on “Again, much thanks on my blog’s second anniversary – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    How time flies. Aniversary again? This time last year we were hoping things will change for the better in the country when panels were set up to investigate oil subsidy scams. Some died in the protest struggles from the gun bullets of security men the Fed Govt unleashed on the innocent citizens of this country while demanding their rights. What have we got? No single person has been prosecuted so far.

    Well, Emotan should carry on with the struggle. There will be light at the end of the tunnel one day. When I read one of the quotes of late PM Thatcher that she doubted UK having a woman PM in her life time, but she became the first and the only woman so far, if that could be achieved, why should we not have a better Nigeria in our life time.

    I congratulate my dear blogger and I wish her and her team an unfettered courage to continue with the good work. Congrats for your worthy life.



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