EXCLUSIVE: FG bans film on Nigerian poverty, places producer under security watch – Premium Times


President Jonathan of Nigeria, one of the world’s most churchy nations, prays in this undated picture from Premium Times.  



He and Nigeria – and ALL Nigerians – need more than prayers.   A – C – T – I – O – N, please, everybody; man’s ability to think – we thank Him – makes prayers something that go hand-in-hand with actions.  

Now,  FUELING POVERTY, the banned movie, is going to be seen by those who might hear of it if the government had left it alone.  Why are governments always taking the right to decide for ourselves out of people’s hands?   When Dora Akunyili, the once-loved drug czarina who became a hated information minister banned DISTRICT 9, the movie that has a veiled star resembling the former president, I read that the movie went on to make scads of money.  


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2 Comments on “EXCLUSIVE: FG bans film on Nigerian poverty, places producer under security watch – Premium Times”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    A drowning man will cling onto anything – a straw as the saying goes – in the water to survive. Why ban the film if the Fed government is truly on the path to alleviate poverty in the country? It should allow the world to know and see the truth of the whole matter. “Bi iwo ba se rere, ara ki yoo a ya o” (if you are doing right, you will be proud of it). Well, there is no way truth is covered that it will not come to the open. Let’s wait and see.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      At this stage of – even – Nigeria’s UNderdevelopment, I do not feel it’s right to have the minds of a hundred and fifty million people made up for them by a single individual out to please his/her boss. It’s as if we are not better than North Korea; or may be we really are not.

      The last time Dora Akunyili (the once much-loved drug regulatory body, NAFDAC, only to earn much hatred under retired General Obasanjo’s administration) banned a movie on behalf of her boss, District 9 the movie that starred a gangster purportedly resembling the president, D9 became an international hit and raked in over a hundred million dollars. What will be the box office earnings for fuelling poverty? Nigerians may not be able to watch the movie but we’ll get to know the take.




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