The lie of Nigeria’s education: Benue library made its last book purchase during the library’s inauguration 22 years ago!

This is a new one on me:  a library without new acquisition after the initial fanfare of inauguration!  Here are a couple of questions for Benue State & others like it in Nigeria’s wasteland:

1.     Are there no budgetary allocations for the library in the state’s annual budget these past 22 years?

2.     Since there IS a library board on which Shima Kosu serves as Deputy Director, do the board members – as is the practice in Nigeria – not get paid for sitting; not have perquisites like vehicles for the “chairman”, etcetera?

3.     What goes in the Annual Reports of the State’s Library Board to the State Government?

Shameful, shameful, shameful in a state where Yemisi Suswan, a self-styled “Daughter of Zion” has expended a lot of money on her “first ladyism’s” “rural women” project, a project that saw her give out perfumes bearing her image:

Benue library has purchased no new book in 22 years

Published: April 21,2013

The Benue state library in Makurdi made its last book purchase 22 years ago during the library’s inauguration, the deputy director for the state library board, Shima Kosu, has said in a shocking revelation of the obsolete state of the facility.

Mr. Kosu made the disclosure an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria, while dismissing concerns about the future of conventional libraries in a digital age of the electronic library.

He said the emergence of ICT was “actually to complement the services of the local libraries across the world” and not to clash with it.

“While the e-libraries provide a wide range of services that cover many areas on the net, the local libraries provide the hard copies of what was on the net,” Mr. Kosu said.

“E-libraries help researchers to obtain hard copies of books that were treated on the net. They are never a threat to the local libraries. Actually, the advent of the e-libraries was viewed as a threat by many, including librarians.”

The real threat to libraries, he said, is the general lack of attention from the government, who fail to provide adequate funds to purchase the latest publications for use.

The Benue library, for instance, got its last batch of purchased volumes 22 years ago, he said.

Since then, “the only lifeline for the library was between 1998 and 2006 when the Book Aid International donated new books to the library.”

Mr. Kosu said the books were supplied regardless of their relevance to the reading needs of the public.

He called on the government to step up subvention to the libraries to aid service delivery, and appealed to the Benue government to install the 50 computers donated to the library by the National Communications Commission (NCC) for commercial Internet services.

He said the library, when in use, would internally generate revenue for the institution.

He also regretted that authors were no longer complying with the legal deposits of their publications.

“Since the National Library was established in the state, authors prefer to deposit copies of their publications there.”



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