Nigerians need “weep, not” on the present “Nigerian Governors’ Forum” brouhaha – Tola Adenle

Every day, we read, see and hear different outrage that should make Nigerians wonder how many of the elected and (s)elected politicians from the presidency down to local government level care about people they claim to represent.  What percentage of politicians are in politics to see that Nigeria can scale the hurdle of poverty and upliftment of Nigerian masses?  I dare say situation does not point to any positive; may be a handful in the Senate, House of Reps, Governors’ offices across the country and local government level – in each state – and that would be very impressive.  My take: MOST do not understand they are there for any reason other than personal gains, and MOST are not in it nor do MOST seem to understand NOR CARE – to be able to say like Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew AFTER their terms in government that:

In material terms, we [Nigerians; my state citizens; the local government council area that I SERVED as chairman] have left behind our Third World problems of poverty

By the way, Lee’s –

1.  From Third World to First & 2. The Singapore Story, Memoirs of Lee Kuan Yew are two books I’m reading right now; books I intend to review here in the next couple of months.

I came to this conclusion long before the current steam of what is not more than “hot air” over a “Nigerian Governors’ Forum War” started blowing. Long ago, I started wondering aloud why the so-called “progressives” at the National Assembly do not make their stands on contentious issues, especially the self-allocated humongous and immoral salaries, allowances and benefits known to the public.

On the current “Nigerian Governors’ Forum” wahala – brouhaha – I do not believe the public needs to worry not only because nothing will come of it to benefit the country’s image – or the masses who are NEVER in contention when politicians make decisions, anyway – but because politics in Nigeria unlike in the distant past in the country’s history, is not centered on ideas or any ideology.  There are now camps at any time and these often become ridiculous as politicians move freely between camps, thank you very much.  Somebody who supports the evil PDP today from OUR side – read “progressive” –  could start breathing fire and brimstone against the same evil on the morrow.

Things change rapidly in Nigeria so much that people forget or simply choose to overlook evil handiwork of close to 100 percent of politicians but for those who keep records, there are many declarations, pronouncements and deeds that may come to haunt many in future unless Nigeria continues to slide as it seems to be doing towards a demise.  The collective picture of most Nigerian politicians is V-E-R-Y  ugly.

Below are excerpts of a write-up about the so-called governors’ forum that I presented to readers of my weekly essays three years ago.  My opinions have not changed.  TOLA.  May 26, 2013.


The “Nigerian Governors’ Forum” – NGF – an unconstitutional none-entity

What exactly does the Nigerian Constitution say about when presidents become incapacitated? It is very clear that the so-called NGF, the National Assembly and the federal executive members have violated constitutional provision that mandates him [Yar Adua] to relinquish the position.

Who does it say can call out troops? Are soldiers “the personal security to the president” who “do not need any deployment to protect the president … the same as your own bodyguard. If you are travelling and you are coming back, it is the responsibility of your security to go and secure you as you arrive or wherever you are going. So, the issue of Brigade of Guards, it is a routine job to secure the president wherever he is, whether at the airport or at the office”? 

Unlike the “Northern Caucus” of the National Assembly, credited with this [italicized] bizarre statement, I do not believe Nigerian soldiers are the personal security or body guards to any president who, though, is their commander-in-chief.

On May 4, 2008, “PDP is Nigeria’s worst nightmare” appeared in this space.  Nigeria has known no peace, seen no real democracy nor shown any sign that better days lie ahead, all because of this party which has seized our collective destiny in its looting hands while daring us all to do our worst. Alhaji Yar Adua (AYA) is supposedly at Aso Rock, incommunicado for over two weeks after an extraordinary hundred days or so without anybody in government, apart from a handful of men and his wife now infamously known as the “cabal”, able to get close to him.

Fellow citizens, the main purpose of the interminable wake is 2011 “elections” …  AYA may even get another term either he’s in the grave or not because by then, our slave masters would not only have perfected how to keep him ruling from wherever he may be but the evil geniuses who rule this country by force believe Nigerians would have become protest-weary.

A legislative arm that says Dr. Jonathan has enough power as things stand – after all, he’s “acting president” and “Nigerians should let the ‘president be’ to prevent ‘overheating the polity'” (code phrase for change would upset the apple cart like electoral reforms which Jonathan may pass) point to no light at the end of the tunnel.

Members of the NGF have gone beyond not only telling Nigerians the present situation is the best right now but have decreed that Jonathan should forget contesting the presidency next year!  The vessel of their illegality and unconstitutionality derives its “mandate” from the PDP which has said the same thing.

Empower Jonathan with his rightful position and the governors, among whose ranks are wannabes, feel doomed.

These power grabbers, atop which sits, comfortably laughing at the rest of Nigeria citizenry, is Bukola Saraki, who has, by sheer will power and the backing of perhaps Nigeria’s first political godfather – his father – continued to muscle his way up the ladder of a “crime syndicate” to quote a letter writer, “masquerading as a nation”.   The ambitious Bukola Saraki – who, if not by law but by ethics, would never hold any public office for life in a normal country because of what his family-held bank did to bank depositors – provides him with another foot up this power-grabbing arm of a contraption I labeled Nigeria, Inc. back in 2003 during the imperial presidency of retired General Obasanjo. Meanwhile, Nigerian masses are gasping for breath under the sheer weight of greed of their self-appointed overlords.

Here is my problem and that of the vast majority of Nigerians with the unconstitutional NGF:

to the rest of the world, an NGF indicates the ELECTED leaders of each state of a union and when all sorts of pronouncements and resolutions emanate from “all members” of such a group which presumably stood for elections and “won”, AND have the country’s interest as its focus, the politically-civilized world would believe NGF- thinking must represent the will of the majority of the people.  The world would understand their [NGF’s ] indignation at The Guardian and The Tribune for misrepresenting the NGF as being power grabbers.

“We intervened to protect our democracy”. These power grabbers most of whom not only believe in choosing their successors but in telling an Acting President to forget the presidency even when the Constitution stipulates Jonathan should have been sworn in by now do not have Nigeria’s interest; worse, their infomercial claims Nigerians are happy with the situation.

NGF members, what happened to the $2 billion released by Dr. Jonathan which Bukola Saraki announced would be utilized on infrastructure “during the dry season now before the rains come”, etcetera.  Well, Nigerians read news reports that had several of your members travelling abroad as soon as the money was released; Nigerians’ conclusion could be coincidental!

The Nation on Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, May 26,2013.  6:37:06 [GMT]


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