Meet charming though disarming Titilayo Oyinbo whose Yoruba mastery would shame “Yoruba-Americanas” & “Yoruba-Londoners” – Tola Adenle

The charming Cara Hershman, a.k.a. Titilayo Oyinbo

Credit: Titilayo’s Blog,

[Ibadan where she was studying, is geographically North of Lagos.]

Now, this young lady can put to shame – and does it with admiration – the Yoruba skills of those who have never taken a step outside Yorubaland, not to talk of travelling out of Nigeria!

All Yoruba speakers who play this YouTube video would be proud of this young lady.  Mo kan sara fun Omidan yi o!

A commentator had this to say about Cara Harshman, a.k.a. Titilayo Oyinbo – The “first name translates to “my joy is endless” and Cara’s “last name” is “White”!

I LOVE you! I am Nigerian (Yoruba) and your Yoruba vernacular puts me to shame! I could watch you ALL day! keep up the great work!


Titilayo…..what a beautiful name you chose for yourself. The amazing thing about this journey you have embarked on is the freshness it provides to actually embrace an unfamilar culture. I hope it keeps providing you that spirtual growth that cannot be attained any other way. Odagbo!

I’m sure Titi would be able to correct donchek’s last word to read two, but she won’t do it publicly; she must have imbibed Yoruba’s penchant for avoiding to showboat – even those who may be naturally proud!.  O da’bo – O di abo is contracted to o d’abo,  a way of saying “so long”; “good bye”, etcetera.

These two comments are from

after Titi was announced as presenter of Yoruba Heritage Award for 2011.

Check out her Yoruba on this YouTube video:

I first read about her and another young American male who were studying Yoruba language and culture at Ibadan.  The news report appeared at a time when I was not in Nigeria well over a year ago and therefore could not track her down and have a Yoruba chat with this charming woman whose residence at the University of Ibadan is not more than a 15-minute drive from where I live in the same town.  She must have finished her study but I’ll try and see if she’s still around.

Thank you, Titi for showing that Yoruba can be studied and mastered, and that those with native-born parents can teach their kids in diaspora with the slightest but determined effort:  speaking only Yoruba to the kids even if the kids speak to them in British/American English.  One day, the parents would be surprised with the kids speaking the language.

Here are some related postings here, some of which date back to my old newspaper essays:

I wrote on Yoruba as a disappearing language first in 2003 – ten years ago – for The Comet on Sunday.  Yoruba being unpopular as a medium of communication by native born not only in diaspora but right in Yorubaland of Nigeria has gotten worse since then.

This is another wake-up call, especially for states in Yoruba’s Southwest Nigeria homeland.

THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 2013. 10:05:46 p.m. [GMT]

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    Every time I’ve heard or read of this Lady, I’m in awe of her passion for the Yoruba culture and language.



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