Haiti, and the tragedy that Nigeria’s failure represents to people of African descent – Tola Adenle


Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, Zimbabwe, Guinea, Nigeria – ALWAYS, and now, Haiti.

I know, we can say that these countries were exploited, under-served and even betrayed by their colonial masters, and that sections were given undue advantage over others a la British divide-and-rule in Nigeria.  But tell me, what of the sort of second chance opportunities provided by vast natural resources, and what countries in the world have the abundance of mineral resources AND educated human resources that many African countries are blessed with, especially Nigeria, and have their people eating out of trash bins?

Where are 150 million people ruled by perhaps the worst political specimens the world has ever known?  Nigeria and Haiti, except that Haiti is less than 10% of Nigeria’s population.

Before I started writing this on Thursday, I had a scheduled essay already done and ready to go before something I read on the web made me postpone “Ancient mysteries, modern wonder, China’s terra cotta warriors …”   The … effort of Jean Wyclef who was born in Haiti … was about fund-raising for Haiti’s earthquake relief.

It was a brief story which ran on to the first blogger before I realized it: [Blogger’s comments in blue.]


When I look at the news designed to make us Whites … feel guilty at the self-inflicted misery of these dark-skinned monkey Negroes … my response to HATEee and those nig-fools is contempt!  As a caucasian, I’m offended that I’m to feel sympathy for these sub-human … who … since their devastation is self-inflicted!  If they wouldn’t keep supporting dictatorships for decades, then 80% of these flea-bitten … wouldn’t be below the poverty line and could afford homes which wouldn’t crumble in little, 7.0 quakes!  … these … can’t do anything right!  When I see these … “suffering,” I wish I could … I’m going to be a HATEee quake-denier …”


Haiti was star-crossed from its slavery past when France routinely made over 50% of her income from sugar cane from the island.  After a slave revolt and subsequent independence from France, she was on her way to perpetual penury when, with the aid of the U.S., an economic blockade was placed on the country for disrupting French commerce:  ending slavery and gaining independence on January 1, 1804.  Its insurrection would determine its future would never be bright.  

Slapped with an unheard-of 150 million francs, the “value of the property” – slaves and land – that French planters had “lost”, Haiti would pay this “debt” for the next eighty (80) years although later reduced to 90 million francs … 80 percent of Haiti’s budget went towards this debt till the turn of the last Century [the 1900s].  Sounds like Nigeria’s “debt” that went on being paid without a dent … The gang up … against the Haitian masses were just beginning for its long history of misery by a succession of jackboot wearers that would teach these luckless people the “evil” of killing thousands of French colonists …

The Duvalier father and son, “Papa” and “Baby” Doc – of African descent would finish off what the French, Americans, Germans, French-hired Polish did not do to the spirit and bodies of these forcefully transplanted African descendants of whom 30,000 were reportedly murdered by Duvalier Senior.

Papa Doc claimed that “God and the people are the source of my power.  I have twice been given the power.  I have taken it, and damn it, I will keep it” – not unlike Nigeria’s retired General Obasanjo’s (rGO) mindset nor his “God-fearing” “son”, Alhaji Yar Adua whose whereabouts are unknown, or other African heads of state.  They always believe that God puts them there.

The country of misery, “on more than once occasion, U.S. Marines supported a military revolt against the government in 1888; the German government supported suppression of a movement that preached equality of the races in 1889; in 1912 like today’s earthquake, expatriate Syrians (those travelling merchandising ‘Kora’ – Yorubas refer to Syrians, Lebanese … as ‘Kora’ as they used to sell coral beads) – destroyed the presidential palace, and in January 1914 as a warm-up for World War I, the British and German and United States forces entered Haiti.

Haiti has witnessed over thirty military coups but perhaps her lowest point – not unlike Nigeria’s recent phase – was the personality cult of the Duvaliers, a family of corrupt dictators that used the tonton macoutes terrorists and death squads to cow the citizenry from 1958 – 1986.

Do these sound like the present [Nigeria] PDP-era “killer squads” that protect the buffoonery that masquerades as governance?  Or the terror implied in rGO’s immortal words of ’07 about “the prerogative for violence” being in government’s hands and those who would dare protest electoral results “would live to regret it.”  Strange but funny that in dismissing Nigerian “congratulators” of Obama on November 16, ’08, I suggested rGO’s “democratic credentials rival Haiti’s late Papa Doc’s & Mobutu’s”. 

The Duvalier era was Haiti’s second slavery just as Nigeria is now a vast slave plantation as I first cried out here after the “election” of ’07.

Three decades ago, a Nigerian brother-in-law described some Nigerians with about the same language that the illiterate cracker [American slang for poor white trash; yeah, there are put-downs for every hated group in America!] used for blacks, particularly Haitians above.  He was describing a then parvenu who had to show off his newly-acquired Rolex to all at a party.

What’s in our “present” that will burden our descendants’ future?  What’s the difference between Haiti and Nigeria?  What is holding Nigeria back from serving as a shining example to the black race?  Where did more than $300 billion stolen Nigerian money go, and where could we have been if that amount had gone into development?  Why has Haiti not been able to rise above itself and develop a tourism industry that would rival its neighbor’s, the Dominican Republic, whom Spanish colonists sort of let be?  Why does Nigeria live lies?  Did a white racist describe Nigeria as a “crime syndicate masquerading as a nation”/racketeering as governance?

Why has Zimbabwe become a prostrate state in spite of being reasonably wealthy under white rule?  Here’s from [my] July 6, 2008 essay that had “The Mugabe Saga” as a “LAST WORD”:

How can Mubarak (a despot), Mbeki (a fiddler), or Yar Adua (a “gentleman” willing to walk to Nigeria’s presidency on a red carpet drenched in the blood of thousands slain by Ehindero-led police … to receive a stolen mandate) … condemn Mugabe?

In October, I started “The loans/grants are piling up again”:  100 million Pounds Sterling from the [Brits] DFID towards HIV/AIDS program; $120 million MINING loan from the World Bank.  From same notes:  “Interestingly, The Bank is the one PLEADING for understanding that the loan has not been mismanaged even as the Chairman, Nigerian Miners Association, Mr. Ekozi is expressing doubt … $300 million from The Bank’s IDA that lends to the poorest nations like Haiti, to meet December ’09 target of 6000 MW (???). $100 million+ to fight malaria.”

The [World] Bank is a commissioned agent, I keep repeating here!

Corruption?  Iceberg tips:  billions for “snacks” [a billion Nigerian Naira though small by Western standards, dear readers, is over US$6 million] for “lawmakers”; N1b_ for a guest house for Alhaji Saburi Bankole [House Speaker] … Central Bank of Nigeria N750 million bribe for polymer during Dr. Soludo’s leadership …

Who dunnit?  I dunno!

Ex-Governor Muazu, et al of Bauchi reportedly to refund N18 billion and a $500,000 mismanaged funds; 313 (three hundred and thirteen) bank workers  stole N53 billion in 2008 against N2.5 billion in 2007 …

Professor Okpala, Registrar of NECO [a high school exam body] & others arrested for alleged mismanagement of N2.4 billion; Police Affairs Minister queried for alleged unaccounted-for N3.5 billion, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

A billion Naira, ladies/gentlemen, is $6m+.

When a Nigerian governor went into an American jeweler’s and bought a dozen Rolex watches(!), it more than stunned the jeweler because rich people do not behave thus.

What does that say of governance amidst the misery in Nigeria?  Is that not like a monkey being given a diamond?

Or a local government chairman  [that’s like a County Executive, dear American readers] who bought a string of real estate property in North Carolina?

What do these donors who give multi-million/pound aid/grants think of the stealing of their tax payers’ money by Nigerian government employees?  Could it be different from the ranting  cracker’s “devastation is self-inflicted”?

The [NIGERIA] Nation on Sunday, January 17, 2010.


Postscript:  As I could not find the e-copy, and since the newsprint copy was too tiny to read, the whole bit had to be copy-input but I used the header just for old times’ sake and to always remind me what work awaits if I do not file properly; there are quite a lot like this as I lost a couple of DVDs!  TOLA.

THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 2013.  5:51 p.m. [GMT]

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