Ondo Central’s Akinyelure to recant vote on child bride: Sahara Reporters

Now, THAT is like Ondo State, a typical Southwest Nigerian state.  

PHOTONEWS: How Protesters Forced Senator Akinyelure To Recant Vote On Child Marriage  –  Sahara Reporters

Facing a sea of  mostly women constituents at Akure the state capital, Akinyelure, scared as hell as he should be, looks fake with that Awo cap after that very reactionary vote!

My suggestion remains that this guy should – at the very least –  resign as I won’t wish on anyone what Judas did after he saw what his betrayal of Jesus led to but remember, the Yorubas have a long collective memory.

Pink Flyer:  All Over gba riba Ota … ola awon omo wa – “All Over” (perhaps the guy’s nickname) got bribe from The Enemy … the future of our children!

White flyer (Left): Se l’oto ni All Over je Ojulowo omo Yoruba? – Is “All Over” a real/legitimate Yoruba child?


Captions: Tola

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WEDNESDAY, JULY24, 2013.  7:01:42 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “Ondo Central’s Akinyelure to recant vote on child bride: Sahara Reporters”

  1. idagbasoke Says:

    Auntie, PLEASE, PLEASE, name and shame.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Id.

      I know! We need it. This should be a pointer to how to bring some of these clowns to the court of public opinions, especially in Southwestern Nigeria. On any contentious issue, get the names of Reps or “Sin-nators” and how they vote. After all, we claim to copy the US system, and voting records of how each lawmaker votes are always available. It is the only way to really decide who can slap that abused “progressive” label.

      Thanks, as always.



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