UPDATE: Oje-Ibadan & Oje-Ede Market days – Questions about possible Iseyin trip answered – Tola Adenle

Omomeji – Twins – from your Name, Taiyelolu another name for Taiwo, the first to be born of twins though considered by the Yoruba to be younger than Kehinde!
Thanks for this important question.

While most Yoruba towns and settlements – not the cities in modern times – have market days, I’m sure Iseyin must have but you can travel there ANY day and purchase but since you won’t find people selling aṣọ oke just everywhere, I suggest you travel to the town – veer left at Mọniya after Ọjọọ on Ibadan Oyo Road. At Iseyin, drive straight until you find a blacksmith shed where a few men work and ask for Alhaji Alarape Alaṣọ Oke. His home and storage place are just up the road from the blacksmiths. I haven’t been to Iseyin in quite a while and in case he is not available, the blacksmiths would direct you to others. The towns-people are generally very helpful to tourists.

1. Check your Oje (Ibadan & Ede) market days and do NOT travel to Iseyin on those days as many of the sellers are always out of town to the markets.

2. You are not likely to find the flamboyant colors or the bride and groom – t’ọkọ t’aya ready-to-go designs at Iseyin but in the open markets at Oje of the two cities and in boutiques in cities.

3. If you travel to Iseyin, you can purchase the aṣọ ẹbi sets which are always available in large quantities ready-to-go. You will be saving a lot of money but you must factor in your time and the journey.

4. To buy any of the three classics, Sanyan, Etu & Alaari, you will require two trips because they are generally not woven ready-to-go IN MOST CASES. You may need a single trip if you place your order – they will provide top-rate embroidery – j’akan – for the men’s wear and would give useful advice; pick-up can be done at any of the Oje cities on market days at a date to be pre-arranged.

5. What I like most about going to the source – Ilorin is also another but I do not travel there – is that you can choose the threads in the color combinations that you want. I have aso oke that are woven that way that I have never come across anybody else wearing them!

If you need further advice, please email me at my info@emotanafricana.comortolaadenle@emotanafricana.com

Best wishes.

PS. 1.  I will also post this as you’ve requested v. useful information that others may find helpful. TOLA.

2. Ondo is also another great center for Yoruba aso oke.  I recently learnt that the Market at Ugele in Ondo Town is EVERYDAY.  You can get variety of the reds for which the Ondo are very famous for as well as other types.

Ondo is about an hour from Akure, the state’s capital, or from Ibadan, ask at Ile-Ife city entrance where you should make a right; it’s also about an hour.  TOLA.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2013.  9:27 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “UPDATE: Oje-Ibadan & Oje-Ede Market days – Questions about possible Iseyin trip answered – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    You are great mum. You are at beck and beacon to promote our culture. Anybody who has not gone to Iseyin before would be able to follow your map or geography (description) of the place. Long life and prosperity. Thanks



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Fatai.

      I think this blog’s real calling found IT after I started writing on Yoruba textiles, the technology and other related subjects.

      On any given day, I get no less than twenty views altogether of different essays on Yoruba clothes and on some days, the number goes up to scores. Yesterday, there were fifty-two (52) views of Yoruba essays on clothes; in the past SEVEN days, there were over two hundred (200+), including an astounding 86 of Yoruba Engagement aso oke which reminds me you are still to send in your daughter’s engagement aso oke pictures.

      As of this writing, the engagement aso oke has been viewed an astounding 3,370 times!

      With that level of interest, I needed to step up my game, and I’ve tried to respond to where most readers’ interest seem to be.

      Thanks for your interest, and please contribute to the engagement aso oke series by sending pictures from your Little Girl’s recent wedding at home. After all, Ede, your home-town, is one of the centers of aso oke!




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