Parasitic & greedy National Assembly killing Nigerians: Remember, “It does not require a majority to Prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.”

Nigerian youth and members of some non-governmental organizations took to the streets yesterday calling an end to the slow lynching of the country by the country’s National 469 assembly members whose self-allotted pays will take N150 BILLION – about $1 billion U.S. this year of the country’s budget while more than 70 percent of us live on N300 DAILY.  The protests were well-covered on national television stations and by the press.  

 I’ve kept on wondering aloud for many years since the return to civil rule – here and in my previous Sunday essays for Nigerian newspapers – WHERE ARE THE SO-CALLED PROGRESSIVES while all the looting is going?  What did these blokes say during debates to hijack  the setting of salaries from the Revenu Mobilization body and decide what they want?  Who – and what interests – do these “progressives” represent apart from themselves?
What must we do to wrest Nigeria from these parasites of Nigeria, Inc.?  TOLA


NASS-Youth Coalition in Abuja protest against Humongous Allowances to Lawmakers, Prolonged ASUU Strike and Extra-judicial killing of 10 Squatters


“It does not require a majority to Prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” – Samuel Adams

Here are stats that should be enough to set EVERY minds’ brush fires alight”:

The last disaggregated budget was in 2010 and it included some atrocious expenses. A summary table is below.


Security Vote for Senate:   N1.259 billion

Refreshments & Meals:  N1.156 billion

Senate Admin:  N2.289 billion

Programmed Activities:  N9 billion

Total Goods & Non-Personal Services – General:  N31.742 billion

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, 2013.  9:47 a.m. [GMT]

Extreme Right in both pictures is Enough Is Enough’s (eie) Ọpẹyẹmi Adamọlẹkun

Credit:  Sahara Reporters


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4 Comments on “Parasitic & greedy National Assembly killing Nigerians: Remember, “It does not require a majority to Prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.””

  1. Ajipeya Afunleyin Says:

    Apparently we’ve all forgotten what Dimeji Bankole called us – “docile followers”. Can you set brush fire to a docile mind?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Mr. Ajipeya,

      Great to hear from you again!

      I was probably the only one to take Alhaji Saburi Bankole to task on the “Nigerians are docile followers” foot-in-the-mouth remarks in a newspaper essay, comments which got Bankole very jittery but he was right; we are worse than a docile lot, especially in Yorubaland where sybaritic pleasure-seeking seem to have taken over our entire thinking process.

      It often baffles me when I find people who should be out in the streets with pots and pans protesting as happens in many countries suffer and complain from Mondays through Wednesdays, only to turn out from Thursdays to Saturdays in all sorts of cheap ankra aso ebi, waiting on road sides in scorching sun or heavy rainfall for motorcycle taxis or dilapidated 14-passenger buses while clutching cheap plastic gifts from weddings/funeral ceremonies; somehow, their poverty and hopelessness have been momentarily dulled and/or forgotten by the pretended LEVELING that the cheap aso ebi have afforded them. By Sunday, they are at churches, especially the prosperity-preaching ones to give away the little they have or do not have to get sweet-talking “men of God” convince them that their lot would improve if they just give a little more to their entrepreneurial “churches”.

      Hopes do spring eternal, Mr. Ajipeya; I do believe that a “docile follower” of today could become a mind yearning to be free but I do agree it is a very tall order.

      My regards,



  2. Layi Says:

    Nigerian politicians are greedy and selfish and are people without value and integrity. No OMOLUWABI among them. The so-called progressives have joined them – the group of rogues.

    Unfortunately these people do not think of tomorrow. The members of the Nigerian National Assembly are the highest-paid legislators in the world and they have nothing to show for their pay. They go to the National Assembly to share money and some of them are proud of it. They are not serving or representing the Nigerian people but only themselves. These people should know that this will not continue because I know one day something drastic and unimaginable will happen.



    • emotan77 Says:


      I’d like to add “shameless” to the two adjectives; shamelessness lies at the bottom of not worrying what would happen if caught or even perceived – as they know we all do – that their incomes preclude them from the lifestyles and wealth displayed.

      We all hope and pray for the day of reckoning for these people but that day may be too late unless more protests that can “set brush fires in [our] people’s minds begin NOW.

      Thanks, as always,



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