2013 Oje-Ibadan Market Day for September 30 was a no-show! – Tola Adenle

There were eight visitors who checked the Market Days schedule for Oje-Ibadan and Oje-Ede yesterday.  I have it in my kitchen and checked it Sunday night just to be sure I had the date for the market at Ibadan right:  Monday, September 30 because I need to get some items for my daughters.

I was first taken aback on the main road from Mapo Hill to Gate where I had gotten off the vehicle that took me because the usual bustle seemed missing but I did not give it much thought and merely cut across to one of the short cuts through foot-paths that an older sister had shown me; there are no parking lots or sides of the roads at the market.  The foot paths go through ancient houses in front of which there are always women.  The one I took showed no sign of market activities because one would always meet several people walking back and forth along the house fronts.  I would greet the women, especially the older women, Mama, Ẹ k’aro, o – Good morning, Mommies – but did not ask whether it was a market day.

By the time I arrived at the market area, it was apparent there was no market yesterday: the shops were closed, and the streets, always filled with displayed wares, were devoid of activities.  I went to the old woman from whom I always buy chewing sticks on market days whenever I attended and asked what had happened and was informed there would be a market next Wednesday, October 9th!

I had believed these days were set in – sort of – stone, especially with the annual calendars.  The old woman could not explain the change of dates but by next Wednesday, I’d ask around because I still need the purchases for my kids.

I wonder if the change had to do with the Moslem festival of Ileya – Greater Beiram – which I understand comes up within the next two weeks; will find out when I visit next Wednesday.


I just hope the eight people who visited to check Oje Market days yesterday did not do so to VERIFY before going to the Ibadan market.  If so, it would be a big shame brought about through no fault of this blog.  Ẹ pẹlẹ, o – accept my regrets.




TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2013. 2:56:40 a.m. [GMT]


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