Las Vegas cab driver finds $300K in back seat – AP

December 26, 2013


While perhaps most Americans turn up their noses at Las Vegas as far as morality is concerned, I believe it’s one of the most honest cities in good old U.S.A. I should know for I was a resident for many years.

While the following story may sound strange to many people, I read in the papers as well as watch the television news MORE THAN ONCE while living there of taxi drivers finding large sums of money or expensive jewelries forgotten in their cabs, and they always turned them over to their companies in the 1980s/early 90s. I am not aware such would happen multiple times in the same city in other parts of the country.

Anyway, there it was again during the Christmas period, a time when many people might not have done what a taxi driver did – AGAIN – in Vegas: return money – lots of it – that he knew did not belong to him.

Hearty cheers to Gerardo Gamboa, the taxi driver for being a cut above many of us, and cheers to Vegas the LITTLE CITY that is an example of a great place to live, and a better place than many of the big cities of America to visit for holidays.



THURSDAY, BOXING DAY [DEC. 26] 2013. 3:36 a.m. [GMT]


LAS VEGAS (AP) — A poker player who left $300,000 in the back seat of a Las Vegas taxi made good on his promise this week, handing over a $10,000 reward to the honest cabbie who returned the stash.


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4 Comments on “Las Vegas cab driver finds $300K in back seat – AP”

  1. Tobi Says:

    I see the sentiment here Tola,but that kind of act is not limited to Vegas alone.Matter of fact when people return such in Vegas,it’s not because they want to but because they are afraid of reinforcing the history of the Mafia in the city. My city, Chicago has some of most wonderful and honest people too!!! Wink.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Toby,

      I’m happy you added “wink …” although while ALL the people I know in the Windy City are “wonderful and honest”, those two words do not definitely readily come to mind when one thinks of your city – wink, wink! Police Chiefs who went to jail; at least a mayor who went to jail, a governor – not long ago – who’s in the big house – and that’s not even giving much thought to those on a very long list on the “Organized Crime in Chicago” – wink, wink and wink.

      O, by the way, could your hometown be the same town associated with – ‘scuse me – Al Capone!

      Thanks for enabling this v. abbreviated trip on a lark!




      • Tobi Says:

        Oh I can name many mafia bosses and people of questionable characters both alive and dead in your Vegas too Tola,so don’t even go there!!!lol Read my comment on all the ridiculous money being spent on Private Jet et al. That is my serious side.g


      • emotan77 Says:

        Ok, Toby but we all do need the un-serious side – if you’ll pardon me. They add to our human-ity.



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