2014 Season’s compliments & greetings – Tola Adenle

SANYAN hybrid and pkt bkUP with label

PHOTO CREDIT: Picture People, USA, December 2013.

There’s no way to outdo Mandela whose words of wisdom and tenacity closed the blog yesterday but what better way to open the New Year than with the blogger showing off two of her favorite Yoruba aṣọ oke: a vintage Sanyan hybrid and another, a modern one, in the colors of the Season – green and red.

An explanation is in order for above picture, especially because of the heaviest viewers on this blog: those thousands that have made the Yoruba Aṣọ Oke the most-visited categories on this blog with a single one, Yoruba Engagement Aṣọ Oke, raking in 5,127 viewers and other sub-series of the category raking in around another 6,000 viewers. Daily, the viewers keep coming. Just yesterday, there were 15 viewers and in the past week, there have been 74.

I know; I am wearing just two pieces and this short explanation is to forestall the whys: an iro and gele which are incomplete because I need at least another piece, iborun, and in some cases, four pieces, an ipele to complete a formal outing. I am also CARRYING – it is as heavy as some hand luggage on flights – that huge pocket book/handbag. I actually try to look as if I’m enjoying it but when the picture came up, it looks CENTRAL to the picture!

The photographs were taken thousands of miles from Nigeria where the iborun lies, and as I was determined to be photographed in the vintage hybrid Sanyan, I picked up the hand bag and made it my third piece of dressing! So, friends, there goes.

And here is a modern Aṣọ Oke (1998) in green and black paired with a buba made with green and red silk fabric in the spirit of the Season.

ModernAsoOkeXmas Colors

Picture Credit: Picture People, December 2013.

I could not have done it without you, dear friends, and while the pace of postings may slow down from time to time because of my other major commitment, I know you will keep on standing by me to continue this journey.

A million thanks, and may the best of 2014 be yours all!



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4 Comments on “2014 Season’s compliments & greetings – Tola Adenle”

  1. tofadelight2002@aol.com Says:

    Dear Anti,

    You look gorgeous in this Aso Oke attire. Happy New Year 2014. Long life and prosperity.




    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      A million thanks for the compliments and thanks for the message of goodwill.

      I love Aso Oke could almost see myself wearing one piece and the buba and still loving it; wait, I’ll post a picture one of these days! I wish you and all yours manifold returns of your wishes for me.

      Regards, as always,



  2. aborisadefemi@gmail.com Says:

    Dear Aunty,

    Thanks for nurturing us with information, ideas, knowledge, courage and hope for a better society. You teach us a lesson in selflessness. We wish u the very best in the newyear and beyond. Femi Aborisade.

    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone from Etisalat. Enjoy high speed mobile broadband on any of our Easyblaze plans. Visit http://www.etisalat.com.ng for details.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Femi,

      You are one of the people that have made this blog what it has become, submitting essays that would be more at home in learned journals and such publications. And it’s great that the confidence that academic types place on the blog has been amply rewarded with such essays drawing wider readership than I could ever imagine, including one that had over a thousand readers; another with over three hundred, and a couple with over two hundred.

      We all also owe you great thanks for your effort in fighting for civil liberty and justice in Nigeria, and never being afraid to step forward to be counted among those who are pain the neck of the types of rulers that Nigeria is plagued with.

      We must all keep the pressure on because it is yielding results no matter how little.

      Hei, you are the first to comment here this year just as you are the first blog visitor to write me a personal letter, a mail that came in at 7.05; w-o-w! That portends a very busy New Year for the blog. May your year be busy-busy – fruitfully busy, and may 2014 show us EXACTLY where Nigeria wants to head; it should be her year of the last crossroads.




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