Jail terms for Nigeria’s gays: Where do we send pension fund, oil subsidy/scammers, armored vehicle purchasers …? – Tola Adenle

Nigeria’s president, Dr. E.G. Jonathan has assented to a stiff law not only banning homosexual relationships but making it a crime for homosexuals to hold meetings, have a club, society or organization. Stiff jail terms await those who break this law.

Not surprisingly, the law has received heavy approval from Nigerians most of whom are either conservative Christians or conservative Muslim adherents in a country where there is massive corruption at every level of governance by Christians and Muslims alike. There are other many ills plaguing the country principal among which is the ungodly kidnapping both for rituals and for huge ransoms.

The law was expected to pass. After all, it’s the same “law-making” body that found nothing wrong in 12-year olds getting married when it recently passed the underage marriage act; by the way, a Nigerian senator is married to a girl of about that age but I understand the baby has gone back to her family who reportedly took millions in bride price.

On a Sunday in July 2003, I presented readers of The Comet on Sunday with “A homosexual does not belong in jail” which forms part of the first essay with the link below in 2011. The other, by D.H. Habeeb, a regular commentator on this blog, is the futility of legislating against homosexuality.

There are quite a few others on this blog; if you input ‘homosexuals in Africa’ into the search box, it will turn up some, beginning in 2011 with:


and including a recent one six months ago:


Funny, though not in a mirthful way, the same constituency where the call from jail-the-gays come from is supposedly the same constituency which has been murmured for decades as practitioners of the “not natural human behavior” of homosexuality.

A country that holds up such “high moral values” should come up with what to do with those who loot the common wealth that deprives the country the opportunity to develop to the level where countries with less natural resources are, and majority of its citizens the chance to live decent lives.

I am personally very much against capital punishment but if homosexuals and/or those who are linked to them are sent to jail for the lengthy period of a decade and one half, I believe corrupt politicians, civil servants … which are all “those who cannot account for their wealth” as Singapore elegantly describes looters – should be considered economic saboteurs, unarmed burglars, and worse. Here are my suggested punishments for them:

In public squares/market places of their cities, towns, villages across Nigeria or in the places of their abode where they are known in case [should in case, in Nigerian-ese] they can no longer trace their ancestral homes:

1. Their least punishment first: read out their life sentences, and jails built from a fraction of their loot which would be their home for the rest of their lives with no pardons enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution should be their destinations enter from that date of assemblies around the country.

2. The keys to the jail cells would be handed over to respected human rights fighter in each area who will throw the in-lock keys to the nearest River Niger tributary or lagoon/sea ; the one for my Southwest Region naturally goes to Femi Falana.

3. For humanitarian reason, all their self-entitled family members will be given the oldest homes built by their thieving father/mother which, as things are in Nigeria, would be a model house.

4. ALL other properties in Nigeria and those that can be traced abroad would be confiscated. Ditto cash and other assets.

5. All wives, children and beneficiary relations who can be stopped before they “jet out” in private or commercial planes would not be allowed to travel outside Nigeria for ten years.

6. A suggestion once raised by Soyinka that all tertiary institutions be closed for a number of years I cannot now remember so that things can be straightened out would be put into effect and a mere 10% of looted funds that lie in the vaults of those conniving banks WITHIN Nigeria would be spent in restructuring education.

By the way, pardon this as most would consider the suggestion as coming from one who, like most oldies, consider things much worse than during their own time: All level 4 students in MOST government-owned universities would go back to Higher School Certificate classes (HSC), and so on, and so forth.

TO ENSURE THAT MOST LOOT is recovered as all cannot, a provision of a certain percentage of loot pointed out and traced to be true would be given to the squealer!


Not to me, and I am sure not to majority of Nigerians, nor are they as absurd as rendering a Nigerian with a doctorate degree of many years and with a university stable teaching job a car-less individual, nor as absurd as a university FULL professor preferring to take a local government job as chairman or councillor because there’s money to loot in those lower jobs nor, a university graduate preferring to drive a three-wheel taxi – rickshaw, if a spade be called its proper name – or serve as a driver at Abuja to a guy who can barely write his name, nor – lest we forget the subject we are on – sending people to jail because we consider them as having what we consider “abnormal” sexual preferences.

Nigeria is a very sick country but who will heal it, or when the healing will start, nobody knows.

JANUARY 14, 2014. 5:05 p.m. [GMT]

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4 Comments on “Jail terms for Nigeria’s gays: Where do we send pension fund, oil subsidy/scammers, armored vehicle purchasers …? – Tola Adenle”

  1. emotan77 Says:


    Dear Tola,

    Thanks as usual for your very incisive comments on Nigeria and Nigerians; I couldn’t agree with you more about your suggestions for “VIP” rogues. ABSURD SUGGESTIONS? Not in the least absurd; in fact I would even go further to say that they should serve the life jail with hard labour for the first ten years, carried out with them in their prison uniforms (on which their names are boldly inscribed) in very public places. This is the only way to fight corruption in high places successfully.

    I want your suggestions to be given as wide publicity as possible; it should be part of the manifesto of any party that wants to produce the next President!
    Oro ilu yi ti koja “be careful”!

    As for the false prophets, they will always get their desert sooner or later.
    Stay blessed,



    • emotan77 Says:

      Thanks, Sis.

      While I will publicize all comments in one posting, I cannot guarantee that sending such to other publications would get a look-see! Most people’s hands in Nigeria – to borrow that judge’s infamous words in Awo’s trial in the 60s – seem “tied”.

      Looters’ hands, however, will sadly get more slippery because no evidences exist to show there’s any repercussion to fear. Where all these will lead us we do not know even IF the motley crowd gathering in the APC enables it win the big prize because their hearts are not taking them to where their feet are landing them. PDP is where their hearts will always belong.

      Can you imagine the likes of Osun’s former governor, Oyinlola finding a home in the APC? The guy borrowed N19 billion months before he was booted out of office by the courts and he suddenly found a conversion of Damascene proportion that has led him now to a bed with the guy who actually won the governorship election!

      Political expediency.which Gandhi described as “politics without principles” beyond excusable limit, reigns in our homeland.




  2. Yisa Ajao Says:

    So Gays are the bane of corruption in Nigeria when other developed world see ‘gay’ issues as human rights problem? God save our noble country.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Doctor,

      Yes, if the “lawmakers” are to be believed. We always seem to have a way of shoving the important issues to the back burner, don’t we?




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