How did this blog perform in 2013? – Tola Adenle

January 30, 2014

About Blogger/About Emotan

In under three months, this blog that started v-e-r-y  slowly with whole months that had under 40 visitors each month, has come a long way – to borrow part of the old Virginia Slims ad [You’ve come a long way, baby]!

It set out to document in a modern medium those of my old newspaper essays that I wanted to share with a new generation as well as provide an outlet for contributions that I would want to continue to make on political and social discourse not only in Nigeria but Africa and beyond.  I also wanted a platform for essayists whose writings I believed would be of interest to those who have read me over the years, a blog that would have me comment on most of the comments after essays by me or others – a two-way street that would benefit or at least be of interest to visitors, and show exactly where I stand on issues.

Somehow, has achieved those goals – and perhaps more.

Some of my visitors have led me – so to say – by the hand to show areas that they feel should be explored, in particular the Yoruba Aṣọ òkè Series which is in various categories.

Although many books have been written on Yoruba culture which, naturally, have included these world-renowned textile group, the interest in the Category has spurred me to start a book which is in progress, a book that the one by Roland Abiodun, Ulli Beier and John Pemberton III on Yoruba Textiles, Cloth only wears to shreds are to credit for any interest I developed in wanting to contribute to the documenting of Yoruba textiles and technology.   Although I believe I am ably qualified to write a book on the subject – pardon my being the one to say so – it was Abiodun, et al that first lit the fire of interest, while the blog provided the platform that enabled me see how much interest there is on the subject.

And the qualification I claim?  I’ve been interested in Aṣọ òkè since my late teens, and in the ensuing six decades, I have acquired quite a few items – old and new, and have been lucky to have access to some really old pieces from friends, photographs of which have been on the blog.  I hope the book, when done, would add to existing literature on Yoruba Aṣọ òkè, and a bit on its Textile Technology history.

From those early days when I used to almost beg friends and family to check on the blog and find something to read to the present, it’s been a journey of discovery.  If I was told that 200+ visitors/daily from many countries of the world and 100+ would be a routine/very slow day to a LEISURELY blog, I would not believe it.  Nor would I believe that single posted essays would attract 100 viewers not to mention a figure as outrageous as 5,000+ viewers, and this during a year when I reduced those that get copies of each essay I posted from close to a thousand to under a hundred! Added to those who get postings through, the blog still attracted many readers on its own.

My hopes for the blog?  That it will continue to be a vessel for those ideals that I have been known for since my journalism days through my own essays as well as writings by those who contribute:  forthrightness, saying IT as IT is, honesty and ideals that see the downtrodden in societies  that we write about as those who must be defended and helped by society.

I gave myself a deadline and suddenly, three of those X years are almost gone but I will let you all know when I think that time is near.

Thank you for making this blog the success it has become.

Check out the 5-page stats:


2013 HIGHLIGHTS, Courtesy

TOLA ADENLE, Albany, Georgia.  January 29, 2014.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 29, 2014.   3:38.m. [GMT]



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7 Comments on “How did this blog perform in 2013? – Tola Adenle”

  1. layiabegunrin Says:

     What is going on here? The state’s teachers salary are not paid and N250m is being paid to  Ekiti Legislators to impeach Fayose. Is this true or not? People want to know.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof., Thanks for this.

      It’s terrible and unbelievable but since the return to Nigeria’s form of democracy, the executive at state and “federal” levels have almost always PAID to get anything done or undone! To pass ministerial list, the presidency or proxy paid, to get anything done at state level, governors paid, et cetera. May be Buhari will be able to put a stop to this shameless practice.

      I believe General Buhari has his work cut out for him as most within his adopted party may not want this kind of change.




  2. layiabegunrin Says:


     This is Nigeria in the time of Jonathan



  3. Sade Adegoroye Says:

    Dear Ma,

    Congrats on your continued success of this blog!

    Although new to the blog site, I have enjoyed scanning the archives, and reading some of your past postings. I found the series on Yoruba Aso Oke quite interesting and enlightening, and look forward to your soon-to-be published book on Yoruba textiles and technology. I can only imagine that it will offer even more insights into the Yoruba Culture and heritage, which topic is of much interest to me.

    Here’s to continued readership success of Emotanafricana!

    Sincere regards,

    Sade Adegoroye



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sade,

      Thanks v. much for your generous words and the encouragement about the Yoruba book in progress. I am happy you’ve found the blog interesting and informative. I should re-start work on the book in March, God willing because I’ve been away from it since early November.

      I hope all is well.

      Sincere regards,



  4. Layi Abegunrin Says:

    The Blog performed excellently

    Mrs. Adenle are you related to Professor Dipo Adamolekun of Iju, Ekiti State? Layi 



    • emotan77 Says:


      Thanks for your opinion of the blog.

      Yes, Dipo is my older brother. And by the way, Dear Prof., Iju was excised from Ekiti in 1949 and merged with Akure area, a move that must have been dictated by the similarity in dialect! Anyway, a half of our late father was from Ise and Emure in present-day Ekiti State; so, you are not far off the mark.

      Sincere regards for always stopping by and weighing in on essays not yet sent out to my old Faithfuls!



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