REPORT: How Abacha And Associates Stole Billions Of Dollars From Nigeria – Sahara Reporters

Now that one of the Abacha kids like all those other self-entitled Nigerians who would rather we forget their looting and other lesser thieving  because they have moved on to bigger things is blabbing, it is only right that this report be published; I’m sure many Nigerians, with our fickle tendency to shake off all the social hurt thrown our way by politicians, high and low.  If it does not shut him up or shame the country further now that the Abacha-dad is being honored for judiciously managing the country’s resources, it just may wake us up from our collective amnesia.

Although lost and cannot-be-found national funds may now render the Abacha loot piddling in this era of profligacy raised to never-before heard of, the publishing  may be yet another wake-up call on Nigerians or else the country may one day have any of these looters’ kids becoming president.

Sadiq Abacha’s tirade on Wole Soyinka’s dismissal of his father’s honor as a “cannonisation of terror” must hurt but his faked feeling could never match the pain Nigerians feel daily as a result of the chain of looting that goes back to Babangida – also an honoree – and has gotten worse with each successive government since.  It  is more than a tirade on us all; it is calling all of us who are not members of Nigeria, Inc. dindinrin, ọbọ, oponnu and other words that are lower than idiots; unfortunately, I do not know the translations of these words but I will never forget the words of an ambassador during the 2011 elections who, in wondering aloud how Nigerians take all the rigging and mis-governance, concluded:  “they will go down without a whimper”.  That may translate near the Yoruba three descriptive words I have up there.

Now, check out the link below to the report:



The document alleges that in one instance, Abacha, Mohammed, Bagudu, and others, systematically embezzled public funds worth billions of dollars from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on the false pretence that the funds were necessary for “ national security”. After the CBN dispersed the funds, Abacha and Bagudu moved them overseas. The document revealed that in all, more than $2bn was stolen from CBN alone …

THURSDAY, MARCH 6, 2014.  11:47 P.M. [GMT]

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