Madness in Nigeria (3) – Tola Adenle

When I first read of the amount to be paid to delegates to Nigeria’s Conference of Nationalities – $25,000 monthly  – I found it difficult to believe even though the more something sounds more unbelievable in Nigeria, the more likely it is to be true.  My incredulity stemmed from two angles: the dollar denomination and the huge amount.

A friend asked how I could be surprised at the attempt to “buy” – that was his word; I could have come up with it, so I’m not shifting blames – delegates in foreign currency so that anything would pass. After all, most of the top 10% in Nigeria already spend foreign currencies in their own country.  What is surprising is why a government would subsume its own currency under a stronger one when it does not have to do it.

And the amount?  Let’s just chalk it up to the madness going on in Nigeria.

Now, a retired top judge who heads the Confab is – naturally – in step with a bizarre provision:  that for any decision to carry, it would have to be supported in voting by 75 percent of delegates and here are the words of the “learned” judge, Justice Kutigi formerly of the Supreme Court who chairs the Confab:

“We cannot change the rule of voting which had already been decided by the President, who set the tone for this conference. The issue has been closed,”

Can you blame those who said the Confab will not succeed and did not want to participate?  Here is Booby trap One which is unlikely to be the one and only.



Putting the cart before the horse

Submitted by tola adenle on Mar, 25 2014, 2:03AM.
I’m sure others wondered as I did ALOUD that a confab was a necessity but that it must be completed BEFORE the elections. Here we are with elections already here and a confab with an arrival station known before it gets under way which in parlance of the past: working to the answer. The ancient grammar may not be that correct but it says what it has to – then and now: an unheard-off 75% would ensure that the North gets what it wants and our dear president gets what he wants.

What a deceitful way of governance; what a travesty!

TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 2014.  1:29 a.m. [GMT]

 There were and have been many but here’s where I started counting Madness in Nigeria:

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