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After its posting on December 4, 2012, the essay on acclaimed “wicked” Baṣọrun of the Yoruba, Gaa, A bit of Yoruba History … started off slowly before gathering steam towards the end of last year.  Then, THEY started to come, in twos, threes and sometimes even larger numbers.

Today, for the first time, it had more readership than Yoruba Engagement Aṣọ oke (12), the perennial almost always Number 1 which was published on October 29, some weeks before Gaa, and more readership than Education Sector Reform (6), the real Number 2 on the all-time list  which was published on January 6, 2013.

With a readership of 26 today, its total now stands at 688 which may still be far below Engagement Aṣọ Oke’s All-Time tally of 6,998 as of today and Education Sector Reform of 1,546 as of today but it gladdens my heart greatly.

Here’s another kind of stats that makes me happy; I caught it some days ago when I was web-crawling in the very early hours of the morning:
• Today
1 Visitors  5 Views
Country Views
United States 5



Thanks to all of you.  And to those who may be interested in learning  who this “wicked prime minister” in a long-gone era was, you can check out:


 Well, the following is how the stats ended yesterday at 12 midnight [GMT], the time I go with on this blog.  The stats above was extracted earlier.  Here are the top five; all of them have been at the top or near the top for several months.  The two additional ones – “Olowo of Owo” and Dele Daramola’s “Yoruba’s views of some birds’ names” were posted on April 12, 2013 & June 15, 2013 respectively.  “Olowo”  has attracted 989 views while “Birds” has attracted  918 views.

Yoruba’s birds’ names   6 views     April 12, 2013


Top Posts for 2014-04-14
Title Views
A bit of [Yoruba] history: Bashoorun Gaa (The Wicked Prime Minister of the Old Oyo Kingdom) – Taiwo Olaniyi
Yoruba engagement aso oke, etcetera – Tola Adenle

Education Sector in Crisis: Evidence, Causes and Possible Remedies – Ladipo Adamolekun
OLOWO of Owo Sir Olateru-Olagbegi at Igogo Festival (1960s) – Tola Adenle
What’s in a name? – A look at Yoruba’s views of some birds’ names! by Dele Daramola








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