As Nigerian Govt. exults over 4000 MW electricity, I wonder whatever happened to the 6000 MW promised by 2009 December through $300m IDA loan – Tola Adenle

Nigerians are supposed to be dancing in the streets now that  His Excellency, Prof. Chinedu Nebo, Nigeria’s Minister of Power has announced that Nigeria has “soared beyond 4000 mega watts” in electricity generation but I say, not so fast.  Anyway, were we not all around recently when the junior minister for Power offered that “evil spirit was behind Nigeria’s power failure?”

In the [Nigeria] Nation on Sunday of  January 17, 2010, my weekly essay referred to an earlier essay on The loans/grants are piling up again,  and contained the following:


In October,  I started “The loans/grants are piling up again”: 100 million Pounds Sterling from the [Brits] DFID towards HIV/AIDS program; $120 million MINING loan from the World Bank. From same notes: “Interestingly, The Bank is the one PLEADING for understanding that the loan has not been mismanaged even as the Chairman, Nigerian Miners Association, Mr. Ekozi is expressing doubt … $300 million from The Bank’s IDA that lends to the poorest nations like Haiti, to meet December ’09 target of 6000 MW. $100 million+ to fight malaria.”

The [World] Bank is a commissioned agent, I keep repeating here!


Well, for the celebration-worthy landmark power production news that  “linked the success with determined efforts of the government to reduce system collapse and enhance service delivery all over the country” AS WELL AS citizens’ gullibility, forgetfulness on matters that are important & somnambulism, please check out

What exactly happened to that $300 million loan, Prof. even though the event probably precedes your joining the cabinet?

[Emphasis in the quoted words of the Power Minister, mine.]


Our dear Ọgas – Our dear masters – I beg wetin happen to the old deadline of December 2009 dem tell us say we go get 6000 MW  and wetin happen to $300 million that The Bank’s IDA beg us make we take now that we don dey celebrate 4000 MW  5 years later?  I beg, we all beg, wetin happen?


The Honorable Minister of Power, Professor Chinenu Nebo:

I no sabi, o – I do not know – I no de dere for that time, o.  I was not a minister back then!

So you dey say make we go ask the woman who was junior minister for power who say na evil spirit dey make government efforts on power fail?

[Above gesture.]

Whom I fit ask now?  Where Nigeria go turn now, o?  Late Governor Mbakwe, we dey mourn you, o as we remember your words that pined for a return to colonialism.


okonjo iweala


Nigeria, we dey for big trouble, o, and I no even mention the words B-H!

Our masters, how about the $1b + purportedly for power this blog carried from PREMIUM TIMES in January 2013? [see reference below]


THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2014.  10:23 a.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “As Nigerian Govt. exults over 4000 MW electricity, I wonder whatever happened to the 6000 MW promised by 2009 December through $300m IDA loan – Tola Adenle”

  1. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Hun, Nigeria my beloved country. Where are we heading to with all these embezzlement and corruption galore? Will there be any deliverance now or in the future? Or do we fold our arms till the kingdom of God arrives when each individual and each country will have to account for what God gave them?



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      If ever, the time to ransom Nigeria is the slim chance of a National Conference going on but I doubt anything good will come out of that with the hands of conferees tied behind their backs – not without their full knowledge or understanding. Being paid about N4 million ($25,000) monthly is definitely NOT fair pay; it’s a way of being bought to bypass the people’s will. They know it and we know it and the few conferees with the strong conviction of where this country should be headed may have the voices and votes NOT count.

      My regards,



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