The Boko Haram’s continued carnage: I weep for my country – Fatai Bakare




Above are just a few of the daily news on the Boko Haram terrorism on Nigeria, including the unbelievable kidnapping of 200 girls which news got worse with the announcement that only 8 of the girls had not been rescued only to learn that most parents are yet to see their daughters.
Now with the kidnapping of the girls and the wrong situation disseminated to the public one of the top discussions at this week’s Security Council meeting, Nigeria may at last be waking up from the long slumber on the state of insecurity in the country.
It’s not that I cried and shed tears, I am deeply filled with sorrow and sadness at the way things are going in our country as regards the free reign of Boko Haram’s recurring decimal. I am even sadder to read how some people could be so unconcerned as to play politics with everything at the slightest chance they see.
The PDP hierarchy is now blaming the opposition party, especially the APC as the party sponsoring the terrorist group due to their inciting utterances. Haba, what an insult upon injury at a time hundreds of family members are still grieving the deaths of their loved ones. It would have been better for the party leaderships to shut up even if they don’t have blood running through their veins. All what is said in the article against APC, I would take it as the lot of PDP itself.

In the second article, the President promises to get over Boko Haram. Haba, l’ọdun melo? The Yorubas say ”ti a ba fi ogun ọdun pilẹ were, ọdun wo gan an la ma ja ọja”? This can easily be interpreted as how long will it take someone to find solution to a recurring problem like the Boko Haram considering the long time the president has been saying the same thing?
Look again in three, 200 innocent girls have been abducted. Your guess is as good as mine for the experiences these young girls would be subjected to. Is it when the whole of the three North Eastern States together with Kano and Kaduna States and Abuja are wiped out of the surface of the earth that President Jonathan will find solutions to curtail the excesses of these terrorists, especially considering the time he gives to running for re-election. Mr. President, will Nigeria be a place where people can go out and vote in 2015 if this state of insecurity continues?

Tambuwal has really shown what a leader should do. Do what I do by going to the Blood bank to donate blood. He has demonstrated that he has blood of sympathy flowing in his veins and not that of hatred and politics. Meanwhile, the British Consular had already done so earlier on. These are leaders worthy of emulation and not those who continue to sit and talk of politics with bitterness.

I pray for the dead to rest in peace, the injured quick God’s healing powers and their family members the courage and fortitude to bear the loss.
For Nigeria, I pray for a leader who can heal all the ailments of the country: terrorism, religious hatred, bigotry and corruption.


FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014.  6:35 a.m. [GMT]

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