News from the Diaspora: Yasmin Opawoye wins best entry on water and/or wastewater in America’s Prince George’s County – Tola Adenle

May 5, 2014

The Diaspora

YASMIN     Yasmin is 3rd from the left in photograph


At  a recent Prince George’s County Area Science Fair in the Greater Washington, D.C. Metro area in the USA,  WSSC gave Yasmin Opawoye, daughter of Dr. Lati Opawoye the award for the best entry on water and/or wastewater.  But Yasmin left before the special awards which came with a check!  Shows how hard many kids work, and perhaps how little they think of awards, including monetary rewards.

Dear Yasmin, you may wish to have the check endorsed to ‘Auntie’ when you make the time to pick it up!

Yasmin is a student at the Beltsville Academy.

Dr, Opawoye is one of the most ardent and active supporters of this blog although without that fact, I would still have loved to share this story of achievement from the Diaspora.


MONDAY, MAY 5,  2014,  5:50 a.m. [GMT]






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