$6 billion in 2014 Budget for Security, and now Jonathan Requests One Billion Dollar Foreign Bailout To Battle Boko Haram – Sahara Reporters

Today, President Goodluck Jonathan pleaded with the Nigerian legislature for approval to borrow up to $1 billion, to help the military combat the Boko Haram insurgency.
The request, delivered via a July 15th letter titled “Tackling ongoing security challenges for urgent action”, appealed for further “government to government” funding to fight mounting security issues. “You are no doubt cognisant of the on-going and serious security challenges which the nation is facing as typified by the Boko-Haram terrorist threat,” Jonathan wrote the Senate and the House of Representatives.

“For this reason, I seek the concurrence of the National Assembly for external borrowing of not more than $1 billion,” he furthered.

The president detailed that the funding would be employed to advance training, equipment, and other urgent needs the for security forces, despite the fact that the country’s 2014 budget already allots close to $6 billion for security spending and maintenance, and the fact that the Nigerian military is receiving assistance and intelligence support from foreign allies, including the US, France, and Britain.

Reports suggest the request may be considered and approved Thursday, before the Assembly’s yearly recess.


THURSDAY, JULY 17, 2014.  3:50 a.m.[GMT]



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6 Comments on “$6 billion in 2014 Budget for Security, and now Jonathan Requests One Billion Dollar Foreign Bailout To Battle Boko Haram – Sahara Reporters”

  1. emotan77 Says:

    From my Mailbox

    … As for that extra US$ 1 billion loan for security, it is not only disingenuous but callous; on a phone-in radio programme in Ibadan this morning, virtually everyone who called said that the money is actually meant for 2015 election. Where did all the $6 billion go to? Oro wa ti koja siso; there is no bottom to the pit so-called leaders are falling into and dragging the country to until we are rescued by our collective resolve; but as long as we play this “rice-politics” (a variety of “amala politics”) so long shall we be ruled by conscienceless folks who have no atom of love for the nation or its ordinary citizens.

    S. Bisi



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Sis.,

      It’s what is on everybody’s lips: extra $1 billion needed for the coming election but as you and everybody else have also been pointing out, what in the world happened to the Budget Allocation?

      We have none other to look to because God perfected everyone of His creation, including, may I perhaps unnecessarily add, giving us all brains and will power. What we need is within us, “collective resolve” as you’ve pointed out, not more prayers because those must come with working and watching like eagles the parasites of not only those who rule us but those who assist them: many in the modern day civil service, the forces, et cetera.

      My regards, Ma.



  2. Fatai Bakare Says:

    Haba, in everything we do we must remember that “Dia ris God ooo”. Six billion already in the budget plus another one billion now to make seven billion US hard dollars only. Translating into naira, it is about N1.1tn. This amount to fight ordinary a terrorist group? I wonder how much we shall spend to fight a country. I don’t think we spent so much to execute the civil war if projected to the present.

    By the way, how much is Boko Haram spending to fight the country? I am now convinced that some people will not want this fight against Boko Haram to end because it is a clever way to make their purses become loaded. Honestly there is God, o.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Fatai,

      Thanks for this but I know you know I do not belong to the group that believe that somehow, we will have God solve this problem for us. [see below]. I’m sorry I hold on tightly to that belief. We will have to devise how to end the tyranny of members of Nigeria, Inc., a tiny group though with many members: politicians, top civil servants, many within the ranks of the so-called Organised Private Sector …

      Honestly, while I did not vote for President Jonathan when he was finally freed from the clutch of the Yar Adua Mafia for reasons stated here many times but can be read in a single essay, President Jonathan’s Defining Moment, an essay I’ve since lost but thankfully, it exists within others because of my long-ago belief that Jonathan was a man who could start re-orientation of Nigeria. Why? Because many people who claim to know him – not hangers on – wrote glowingly about him in those dark Yar Adua days; the way he also comported himself made me feel he COULD be THE MAN. That naivety changed soon.

      For one essay inside which the “Defining Moment” one is piggy-backed, please check out: http://emotanafricana.com/2011/12/08/let-them-eat-cassava-bread-nigerias-president-e-g-jonathan-4/

      Dear Fatai, abo mi re e; ise wa fun gbogbo wa lati se – Nigerians have our collective work cut out for us because if you do not reject servitude, none will give you your freedom which is why, as I’ve also written here many times, the Yoruba word for independence is nwon gba ominira – people GET their freedom, not GIVEN …

      You remember how that Ondo State “federal” legislator cried like a baby when found out he voted with those who wanted child bride to be allowed in the Constitution not because he made a mistake as he claimed but because he saw he feared losing his seat on the gravy train and his further plan to one day govern Ondo State. How about ensuring that these “legislooters” do not give the president the expected approval to borrow money and how about people writing in more against Economy Czarina, Dr Iweala whose main “achievement” has been unprecedented borrowing since she came back while her earlier words about being free from debt-dom hunts her NOT.

      Regards, as always,



  3. Falade A.G. Says:

    2015 election is around the corner…
    If I were a senator or a member of The House of Representatives, I’ll suggest the equipment
    worth of US$1.0 billion should be approved, and not the liquid cash!



    • emotan77 Says:

      emotan77 Says:
      July 17, 2014 at 2:07 pm e

      Dear Prof.,

      Thanks for this, and how very correct.

      But isn’t it amazing that Nigerians have been rendered jaded by colossal amounts of money? When billions are mentioned in Naira, it barely gets a so-what shrug because a single top politician or top civil servant pockets multiples of that with no repercussion A billion U.S. Greenbacks? Well, may be DECENT enough for a Minister to pocket.
      Let’s think about it: US $1 billion is a huge amount of money to use to fight Boko Haram that got out of hand in the first place because the group did not get more than a once-over by government and actually got gestated under the General Obasanjo’s presidency when he allowed a state governor to p – – on the Constitution by declaring sharia and getting away with it. Secondly, what did government spend the $6 billion for security in the current budget for? Even to prosecute elections as we know them, N180 billion Nigerian Naira is a lot of money to throw around.

      Who will lead Nigeria to a stage where you will have to prove you have not stolen if your lifestyle is higher than what you earn as it’s done in Singapore. Policemen openly ask for bribe in Nigeria without it calling for raised eyebrows. Young kids out of universities think and talk in billions of Naira (N1 billion is still around $6 million USD which is no chicken change even in highly productive economies unlike Nigeria’s where people make money they have not earned.
      Equipment or “liquid cash” matters little because one can be pumped up or, as a relation elegantly (?) once put it, “supply and remove” while the other is less cumbersome.
      It is a terrible system that has been weighed down by multiple administrations of corruption. The first time I heard that Nigeria’s premier university which is government-owned paid bribes to get its check/cheque released, I was shocked to my bone marrow. And that’s not all: as UI did, so did – and probably still do – the same Univ. of Ibadan and other government institutions, ministries within the “federal” set-up … and agencies all answering to the same government; otherwise, their checks won’t be released. Some young women and men have parlayed connections for these kind of routes to wealth: spending a couple of nights at Abuja and departing with checks meant for perhaps your uni. and others; the requisite 10% agency commission awaits.

      I have often been baffled as to the sub-heads of expenditure a university or ministry or agency would pass these bribes which, in a way, would beget other corruption. A sort of – one for you, two for me.

      Actually, most Nigerians like me would probably say, give the devil – Boko Haram its due if Nigeria would know peace but we all know that loan would go into the same black hole to which the $5 billion security vote allocated in the current budget went and the religious extremists would was stronger even if the money will be given straight to them.

      These crookedness did not start under Jonathan but we all believed he meant it that none would be spared of corrupt practices. On the other hand, the ground isnow so fertile for corruption to germinate and breed more that Stella Oduah and countless others are walking free; so is Diezani Madueke who was not given the chance to prove the allegations against her are false. Rather, she got legal backing to emasculate one of the three arms of government.
      Prof., Melo l’a ma ka ni eyin Adepele?




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