Madness in Nigeria (7): If unstopped, Boko Haram would lead to millions of displaced Nigerians over-running all of W.Africa – Tola Adenle

July 24, 2014

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As no madness can be worse than the situation in Nigeria right now, the series of “Madness in Nigeria …” will terminate after this.  It was a series that I had planned for way-out happenings. Now, what in the world could be more way out, more incredible for lack of another word than what is going on in Nigeria today:  the insecurity in the country with nothing visible being done to restore people’s confidence, that Nigerians are part of humanity has reached perhaps a level never matched in peace time in the history of the world by any country.  Thousands have died and daily, the statistics grow by scores, and on some days by hundreds.  Yet, life seems to go on as if nothing is amiss.

In most other places, this would be a grave emergency that would call for an out-and-out battle against a sect that seems determined to show it is ready and able to face a country’s military and scare them enough as reported recently to make the lower rank refuse their officers’ orders.

What of Nigeria?  Politicians running for office in big campaign carnival-type rallies; the president supposedly was on his way to one such rally at the early stage of the Chibok Girls’ tribulation before cancelling the trip;  a National Confab which is going on as had been desired by Nigerians for years reportedly pays attendees equivalent of $25,000 MONTHLY while the country needs foreign loan of $1.5 BILLION to fight the murderers (for equipment, et cetera for the army) … People in Nigeria are afraid now that the war on Nigeria has moved to Abuja, its capital  and Kaduna, capital of the old Northern Region.  Over 80 reportedly were killed in bombs Wednesday.

Whoever is, or are behind the Boko Haram Islamist extremists keep getting more brazen and introducing more sophisticated methods that will make whatever security apparatus Nigeria has near-incapable of solving the deluge of murders that are being daily unleashed on the country; Lagos, the hub of commerce and the old capital got a taste of terror recently.

Despite all sorts of theories Nigerians have been throwing around on social media about who is/are behind the group, my first surprise at whether the war was really religion-inspired even though being waged in a religious form was only recently when close to 300 boarding school girls – the Chibok Girls – were abducted despite the security officials in a state supposedly under emergency rule which, in Nigeria, always means security officials crawling all over the place and giving hell to everybody in such states but none of these noticed the several vehicles that must have been used to cart those poor girls away like cattle for slaughter. I expressed that wonder on this blog. Others have expressed surprise at the limitless ammo and cash that seem to be at the disposal of these murderers.
On Nigerian social media sites, all sorts of names were bandied about as the sponsors of these murderous men, including that of retired General Muhammadu Buhari. Now, he is lucky to have escaped assassination from the Kaduna bombing on Wednesday but some people in now very ethnocentric Nigeria are probably still going to say, oh that’s as it’s supposed to play out …

And that’s why Nigeria needs the assistance – there we go, again, always cap in hand but not this time – of the international community to find who really is/are behind these killings because it’s gotten to the type of murders and attempts that should take the mastermind-ers to the International Court at The Hague for crime against humanity, eventually. Please note that I’m not talking of another billion-dollar huge loan, the type our Economy Czarina, The Honorable Dr. Iweala has seen us through more times than we need, and I have stated so elsewhere and here the last several years.

Most Nigerians know that Boko Haram was born by politician(s) and not a religious cleric although as joint inheritors/beneficiaries of Nigeria through Nigeria, Inc., both seemed to have nurtured the murderous sect for increase “returns on their investments”.  Fractured as Nigeria has become by religious divisiveness, I’m just beginning to wonder the real “who” because we must find him. Pardon me, it has to be a guy because they are the ones that have designed and executed the chaotic and very corrupt system Nigeria now has although there are women of so-called “timber and caliber” – “millionaires in dollars”, billionaires, parvenu, all, who have leapfrogged all known barriers of non-achievement to arrive at Nigeria’s Big Time as members of Nigeria, Inc. without having lifted a/an academic/commercial … finger that would point in the direction of “she deserves it …”

We better find them/him fast before this madness takes on a gargantuan dimension that would see hundreds of thousands killed more before the real Doomsday.
I hear people who had never thought of such a “demeaning” thing as emigration, “checking out” like the 1980s’ Nigeria’s mythical Andrew wondering aloud about such now. Benin Republic, Ghana and a few countries on the continent are already home to Nigerians and there are many who want out of this land that is so richly-blessed with human and natural resources but a hell-hole of a place, all the same for the vast majority.

With security at zero, public utilities almost non-existing a situation that sees the middle-class – already almost decimated to near zero – pushing down towards lower class, it is easy to understand such.  I’m not sure lending Nigeria more money “to better equip the army” will bring the Boko Haram to its blood-soaked knees.

The international community must worry about the situation that a deluge of Africa’s most educated, most resourceful – hem – most unwanted people [by fellow Africans] would create when millions look north, NOT to England, nor West, NOT across the ocean to America but West to Benin, Ghana, Togo, and as far west as the The Gambia and beyond, would mean. A few is all that is needed to over-run Cameroons next door; anyway, Nigerian kinsmen are already there, living as Unwanted in a land that was once theirs but given away by one of its rulers who knoweth NOT what he did on Bakassi.

Nigerians would over-run all those itty-bitty countries before those gentler, more laid-back African species know what would have hit them. We need help, and we need it now.


THURSDAY, JULY 24, 2014.  7:45 p.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “Madness in Nigeria (7): If unstopped, Boko Haram would lead to millions of displaced Nigerians over-running all of W.Africa – Tola Adenle”

  1. Falade A.G. Says:

    We may not know the people behind Boko Haram insurgency, but two things are clear:
    poverty and ”Jihad” are the driving forces!
    The Americans may well know everything, but reluctant to make the information available because our military is compromised. When EGJ alerted us in 2012 (or, is it 2011) that Boko Haram supporters were within his cabinet, we shouted him down.



    • emotan77 Says:

      Dear Prof.,

      Thanks for this.

      Definitely credible that poverty, ignorance and “jihad” may lead young men – and a few girls – to believe the brain-washing used on them to embark on the ruinous path of violence. It’s true that E.G. Jonathan not alerted Nigerians that the murderous group had members within his cabinet but what exactly did he do about it? Did he alert the various military arms? What steps covert or direct actions did he take to out these people.

      I dare say that the president’s fixation with a second term even in those seeming long ago days did not enable him fight the sect. He probably believe he could neutralize them by simply “dividing” the North to “rule” it, and thereby create a safe passage to a second term.

      As I’ve written since Yar Adua-days when I generally supported then VP Jonathan, this man had and still – yeah, right now – has more to gain by stopping the re-election bid and facing the scourge of insecurity, corruption, the outcome of the Confab. He can still leave a legacy that is far different from what he has now to his name.




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