EBOLA: Was Patrick Sawyer’s mad dash to Nigeria in search of “cure” from Pastor Temitope Joshua?

August 12, 2014



Falade A.G. Says:
August 12, 2014 at 2:41 am e

Dear auntie,

I’ll like to provide this information concerning the ”apparent wickedness of Sawyer to infect Nigerians with Ebola virus”.
Sawyer set out from Liberia hoping to achieve miracle healing in the Synagogue of Pastor T.B. Joshua! This to me, gels perfectly with his behaviours before admission into the First Consultants, Obalende, Lagos.

His subsequent urinating on the health care workers portrays a man who had lost hope and furious to take others with him into the great beyond. THIS BEHAVIOUR IS COMPATIBLE WITH THOSE SEIZED BY THE FURIES.

emotan77 Says:
August 12, 2014 at 6:28 am e

Dear Prof.,

Thank you very much for looking further into Sawyer’s maniacal and wicked behavior.

Now, who and what will cure the viruses of the mind of our people who may be physically living and operating perfectly in the 21st Century but have their minds firmly rooted in the distant past, in the unproven world of deceit by men and women who may wear the labels of “men of god” but are charlatans who do it all for money?

In Nigeria, these fake pastors have taken over people’s mind that attempts to get them put into practice the jingles on radio and television are met with: “my iso – stall – is covered with the blood of Jesus” when I went to a market to pick up a few things I forgot having shopped to cover my needs for a couple of months. The woman said I did not need gloves once I believe in Jesus! I gently tried to explain to her why I need to “work and pray” on the issue of ebola, how there is a bucket of soapy sanitized water to wash hands before entering my premises. The Christian angle of my explanation SEEMED to work but I had to spend several minutes telling her the story of Sawyer, what ebola does, how she should get gloves for her kids when they leave home for school, how she should tell them to stay away from playground football right now et cetera. At least she looked scared or, at least, ready not to leave what problem she can solve in God’s hands as opposed to the gong-ho “… blood of Jesus” stage when we started our little encounter.

Before ebola is contained in Nigeria, I’m not sure much devastation would not have been wrought. One prays and hopes for the best but with dubious pastors making claims that are absurd and untrue and with their cultists-like followers believing their every word, Nigeria, the Country, has her work cut out for her on this subject.  I believe government has a lot to do in educating people about the virus can hardly be cured by any of the zillions of Nigeria’s modern-day miracle workers.

I understand  that many owners of pentecostal churches are discouraging their folllowers in other West African countries from attending those mega revival services but I believe they need to be convinced of suspending such huge gatherings for a while.  We have learnt how a single individual – Sawyer has been the source for dozens who now have or may have the virus.  It would be a tough task but it has to be done if ebola is to be contained.



TUESDAY, AUGUST 12, 2014.  8:05 p.m. [GMT]

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