Comments worth sharing: A Liberian official approved Sawyer’s flight …”

August 14, 2014


A Liberian official approved Sawyer’s travel to Nigeria even as he was supposedly under watch for ebola



Falade A.G. Says:
August 14, 2014 at 4:35 am e

…”The paper also reported the footage as capturing Mr. Sawyer sitting alone and avoiding bodily contacts with other passengers who came close to him at the boarding gate of the airport as he awaited his flight to Lagos.”

Dear auntie,

I must commend you greatly for bringing all these pieces of useful news to us.You’re really a very high class journalist, albeit retired!
My comments will be brief so that readers can follow me and absorb quickly my impactful words.

a) Above excerpt confirms that Mr. Sawyer INITIALLY did not want to deliberately infect his fellow human beings.

b) Mr. Sawyer was seeking for ”a miracle healing” at the Synagogue of Pastor T.B. Joshua.

c) Being unable to get this healing, he became disillusioned after being seized by the furies, seeking to infect others (if accounts of his deliberate urination on health care workers is true).

d) Finally, it was Pastor T. B. Joshua that started the chain reaction: PROMISING TO HEAL EBOLA VIRUS DISEASE WITH HOLY WATER. So, what you sow, you reap. As Nigerians, we all share SOME homogeneity with Pastor T. B. Joshua.



emotan77 Says:
August 14, 2014 at 7:14 am e

Dear Prof.,

Thank you, too, for all the contributions you’ve made on this issue. The social aspect, despite your medical training and practice, is also v. useful because it is an area that the outside world overlooks but that is vital if this modern plague will be contained.
The Temitope Joshuas of Nigeria’s Pentecostal movement which I mention in one commentary really need to be won over to win the containment aspect of fighting ebola and I like Lagos governor, Fasola’s angle pursued as soon as Pastor Joshua announced his promise to heal ebola; he did not say there were no miracles but asked the pastor to cooperate with government in leading the people in the fight to eradicate ebola through containment and treatment. We already saw another pastor making what amounted to the same claim in the implied post on his Face Book, a claim Pastor Ituah Ighodalo quickly backtracked on when he saw the condemnations in the papers.

These pastors are merely picking on the wretchedness and desperation of the people, a situation brought about by Nigerian leaders at EVERY STAGE OF GOVERNANCE: out-and-out looting and corruption that has decimated the middle class and made foot-mats of the lower class where most now belong.

Just imagine how ebola would find fertile ground in the sweat-filled massive holding pens – pardon me – of most of their churches that hold thousands at a time during services where congregation members are shown seemingly screaming at the top of their voices during prayers and definitely spraying others with flying saliva – pardon me, again.

If these so-called men-of-God really care about their followers, they would suspend the usual form of worship for more solemn gatherings till Nigeria can get over this big hump; they would suspend all “Holy Ghost Night”-type gatherings because the Redeemed Church’s leader, Pastor Adeboye’s announcement that other West Africans should not come for now is definitely inadequate but I guess I’m suggesting the impossible: the money would also stop rolling in which is what, people must really pardon me, most of these churches are really all about.  It is also a must for churches that use the sharing of Holy Communion cup to be shelved for now.

Worse, those that people like me believe they are trying to help would probably be furious at us as an important outlet that let them forget their problems is being removed.

Religion is too sensitive and that’s where somebody like Lagos’ Fasola should be given a large role in a real think thank of Nigeria’s War Against Ebola.  Though a Moslem, he proved his being rational religious issues on the Hijab controversy, and his paper during the recent hosting by Nigeria of a recent international forum in which he light heartedly referred to – among our other usual preoccupations at local fora – the lack of prayers to open each session.

Sincere regards,


AUGUST 14, 2014.  1:50 p.m. [GMT]

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2 Comments on “Comments worth sharing: A Liberian official approved Sawyer’s flight …””

  1. Femi Aborisade Says:

    The Liberian officials approved Sawyer’s flight. But Sawyer would not have entered Nigeria if Nigeerian immigration officials did not permit. Corruption and preparedness to wave standard systems of operation are responsible for what we are experiencing in Nigeria at the moment. Femi Aborisade, Esq.



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