Michael Brown’s murder: Ferguson, Mo., USA reminds the world America is still very much caught in the ugliness of her past – Tola Adenle

August 15, 2014

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Ferguson, Missouri on the night people rose in protest but were met with war-like “law-enforcement”.

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A policeman and a dog:  memories of a Deep South era of meeting civil rights marchers with show of force and violence.


Protests Continue In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old ManThis photo creeps me out.


The reports coming out of Ferguson, Missouri [Mo] in good old U.S.A. reminds the world that millions in “good” old USA are still caught up in the ugliness of the country’s past as regards race relations and civil rights:  SWAT teams – the type mostly seen these days when lone gun men hold schools, shopping malls, et cetera up were sent out on the streets of the St. Louis, Mo. suburb.  It went beyond that:  in one eerie scene on television that was reminiscent of the dark deep South of the Civil Rights era, I watched on television “law-enforcement” officers shooting tear gas AND rubber bullets in the direction of journalists who ran, leaving cameras behind.

Policemen in Ferguson would tolerate no protests against another unconscionable and reckless shooting death of a teenage African-American boy, criminal acts that seem to have become all too routine for comfort in the African-American community:  black kid unjustifiably shot to death; killer policeman – seems to be always a man – placed on “administrative leave”, meaning he’s kept away from the angry protesters; court finds killer policeman NOT guilty; one less African-American male from a group white policemen are determined to continue to decimate its number; parents -almost always hardly into their 40s – and others which always include white-Americans – go away, mad as hell but powerless.  Justice denied.  Racist policemen become more fired up.  Within months, Another Town, USA, another African-American kid gets gunned down in an endless cycle of hate crime couched as keeping law and order.

While most of the time, those assaulted at BEST, or killed are young, older and well-known, accomplished African-American males have been on the receiving ends of police brutality in “good” old USA but the name that readily comes to mind is Harvard scholar, Professor Henry Louis Gates, who was returning home after an overseas a few years ago.  Finding his front door lock changed or so, he had the driver who took him to his Harvard Campus home help him push the back door.  A white neighbor, seeing somebody who could NOT belong in the neighborhood, called the cops.

Henry Louis Gates handcuffed for breaking and entering his own homeOk dude, we do not need your ID : [Harvard scholar; founder of root.com which is owned by The Washington Post, chronicler of the African-American life in America, et cetera, et cetera] ’cause we KNOW you. How’s that jewelry on your wrists? – TOLA

H.L. Gates, handcuffed in front of own home at Cambridge, Mass; destination:  officers’ car on his way to police station.  Case was later “amicably” settled; I remember the humiliated African-American and the moron of an officer both met at a more “friendly” get-together at the White House! [Photo: boingboing.net]


This time, following the Trayvon Martin highly-publicized murder and trial which saw his killer, Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch man, a vigilante in the real sense of the word, is another teenager, Michael Brown who had to die because an American white policeman, Darrel Wilson wished it so, and it was so. Wilson is on the usual “administrative leave” pending when things calm down and he’ll walk.

Ferguson, a town supposed to be populated by 67 percent African-Americans has only one African-American police officer; the city administration is not any different.

Yesterday it was Zimmerman, today it’s Darrel Wilson.  When will these apparent murders of black males, long after the Sunday lynchings of black males of the past when White men and women dressed to the nines to see African-American males murdered – END?


FRIDAY, AUGUST 15, 2014.  4:40 p.m. [GMT]


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