Comments on HuffPost’s “Watch Serena Williams At Age 11 Adorably Predict Her Greatness” – Tola Adenle

September 11, 2014


Watch Serena Williams At Age 11 Adorably Predict Her Greatness – Huffington Post/Ron Dicker

Okay, one more sports story, one more Serena story as her sports fans around the world continue to bask in the euphoric feeling of her historic win, a feeling that is heightened in this blogger which is brought about by a posting at  It is of her at age 11 precociously giving the world in her little corner of it, a peek into the Serena that got the tennis world unprepared for this phenom and her equally-talented sister, Venus; the spunk from that early age that has taken her to the dizzying heights where she now reigns.

When you are through with Venus & Serena at age 11 and 10, tarry a little and watch the 7 and 6-year olds and, of course, watch the Master who made it all possible, Richard, their dad.  A genius at coaching even though he never played tennis AND a great salesman – a marketer may be better because the former word brings a high-pitched rush-them-to-the-circuit dad which Richard was not.

I am sure Venus and Serena will one day be in the Tennis Hall of Fame.

In my opinion, Richard’s work with Venus and Serena brought the droves of players on the circuit, especially the Russiaians, who are now coached by their parents or by people who would not traditionally be considered, nor consider themselves, qualified to coach.

Serena has always been so supremely confident of herself and her ability that when doubters, or even fans thought her playing days were nearing an end as recently as three years ago, she not only shoved away – as she always seems to have been able to do – what was/were getting in the way of her game but she has gone on within that period of time to win more than a couple of Slams, and has held on to the Number One Seed for more than a year.

Here’s a letter from Mr. Nick Bollitieri of famous Bollitieri Tennis Academy to Venus and Serena some years ago, but really, to the world about Mr. Williams:

Letter to Venus and Serena:

“I want the entire world to know that Richard Williams never, never, not once raised his voice when working with his daughters. Over these years, since even before you turned pro Venus at the age of 14, many, many people, from the tennis establishment, coaches, former players, the media, put Richard down, down, down, right down man, when he did not let you girls play tournament tennis over your formative years.
“He’s crazy”, they said, the way he trains you. You know what I say? If only some of the tennis parents we see around today, from the very top level down, were crazy like that. I wish, and sometimes I even pray, that our tennis parents would follow the Williams’ philosophy.”

Thanks, Mr. B.

The huffingtonpost story confirms the old adage that morning shows the day.  The same dedication, hard work, focus and belief in herself despite aggravations of different sorts, have all worked in the girls’ favor, especially Serena, the subject of this story.


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2014.  7:32 a.m. [GMT]

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