A fiesta of siesta by politicians during important state occasions in Africa and beyond – Tola Adenle

September 17, 2014

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Recently, an Al Jazeera news report showed why Ugandans are mad as hell at their top politicians.  For good measure, a picture of Museveni, the president – without his usual safari hat known to my generation as wole wole hat in Nigeria because they were worn by health inspectors – was included.

Second Deputy Prime Minister Moses Ali, middle, listens to the state-of-the-nation address [Mukiibi Sserunjogi]

President Museveni is deep in thought here, “meditating”, if we are to believe his p.r. men who, like the Abatis and Okupes of Nigeria, are men who see white but are not worried or ashamed labeling  it black.

We may need top psychologists or even psychiatrists to decipher the body language of His Excellency, the Right Honorable Museveni in this iconic photograph.

To the little giant of Africa, pardon the oxymoron which seems to fit Nigeria to a T, we must head to check out if the “giant of Africa” is not really a sleeping giant.

The recent National Conference seems to have brought out a sleeping brigade, especially since many of the participants are over 70, and a few over 80; I am no spring chicken and I’m therefore not putting old people whom we respect in Africa, down.

Looking at these photographs and the cartoon, you cannot blame political blogger  Japheth Omojuwa, who described the confab as a “national sleeping conference,” [Nigeria’s The Punch newspapers].

Nigerians blast sleeping delegates

Layers of clothing, super comfy seat and a super-duper cooled chamber, but while others deliberated on which direction the various “nationalities” should go to weave together a nation, this participant does more than doze off.

Delegates caught sleeping at the National Conference Plenary Session

[Photo Credit: Premium Times]

Sleeping delegates

This cartoon in The Punch left no doubt about the Fiesta of Siesta for which these people went home every month with about N4 million ($24,000.00).

Rahul Gandhi Caught Sleeping in Parliament || Indian National Congress Party  [youTube]

Far away after crossing the African continent and the Indian Ocean, a guy sleeps during a speech at India’s Parliament.  He SLEPT bam bam as the Yoruba in Nigeria would say.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2014.1:07 p.m. [GMT]



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