Scotland: If dire circumstances await Scotland’ if ayes win, pray, what awaits good ol’ England? Tola Adenle

September 17, 2014


We hear and read of dire Scottish circumstances that await her if she gets the divorce that millions desire but I have not read much of what England will lose
Everyday since the last few days, we’ve been hearing and reading of the dire circumstances that await the Scots if the ‘yes’ votes win but with the exception of the Nuclear Problem and, perhaps, a few unimportant points to England, nothing that old England cannot waive off would be negative against the divorce.
Why is England now ready to devolve some power to the Scots after all these years? Why does she not say, eh, blokes, we’ve given all we can; take it or leave? Check self preservation.

I wonder, though, why England has been pulling all the stops, including Prime Minister Cameron’s visit up North and making that impassioned speech that tried to tug at the hearts of undecided Scots on Monday. Check self preservation.

I wonder why England finally wielded the big stick, pardon the perhaps inappropriate metaphor because Queen Elizabeth is ever so soft even as she may carry a big stick, and she came across the same way in her very careful choice of words which still achieved the same effect: that the Scots should think deeply. Check self preservation.
Finally, if England’s implied less-to-lose-than-Scotland is real, how about the carefully-trip to his homeland by former Prime Minister Brown as the seeming last card?

Brown’s impassioned speech is the same measure by which the Scots need to look at the future if the ‘yes’ votes win. And as Nationalists like Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party points out, “Brown failed to implement his ideas on social justice while in office first as Chancellor of the Exchequer and then Prime Minister.”

Dire predictions and warnings of looming dangers for independent Scotland?
I say, “self preservation, self preservation, self preservation from a small nation that deservedly rose to great heights by sheer dare and working two sides and/or brow-beating, especially in Africa, to have its way.

Let’s face it, Scotland faces some major problems but nothing more than most newly-independent countries face at birth, and she faces considerably less than perhaps any. It is an industrialized country, and history is in her favor.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 2014.  2:40 p.m. [GMT]



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