Why would a U.S. flag on an apartment balcony ‘offend foreign people’? – Tola Adenle

September 23, 2014

Arts & Culture

Man forbidden from flying U.S. flag on his balcony because it could ‘offend foreign people’  –  THE WEEK

No, above humongous Stars & Stripes is definitely too large for an apartment balcony; it’s from .

Now, even for one not American-born, this is beyond ridiculous in the continued attempt at being politically-correct; how about ‘sick’.  I believe that if a foreigner is “offended” at an American flag being flown on the apartment balcony of an American by an American, I think such a person has a right to his feelings but the person does have quite a few choices:  look away from the flag when he/she passes by; have the rental office relocate him to another apartment, never leave his/her apartment on any 4th of July, but then again, remembering that the Stars and Stripes are always fluttering in the wind Somewhere in Everywhere, U.S.A., the person should just relocate to another country.  I’m not going to suggest the relocation should be to his/her homeland so that I’m not adjudged insensitive, probably worse than being politically-incorrect.

Why are people always caught up in minor things that cause divisiveness that could eventually lead to major social upheavals?

Some years ago, I read of a Muslim guy in Rome – the last I checked, Rome has been the bastion of Catholicism forever – who instituted a legal case against a school or so because a sign on the school gate bore a Catholic sign; he had a daughter in that school and believed it would cause her stress or trauma and sued to have it removed!  The only thing I cannot remember reading was whether the little girl was forced to attend the school.

Wouldn’t it be better if these rental management guys would focus on important issues like ensuring apartment air-conditioning are in ship-shape year round in San Diego rather than pursuing downright mean and silly matters?

Check out the story through the link.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2014.  5.30 p.m. [GMT]

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