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October 8, 2014

About Blogger/About Emotan

Despite having stopped postings on for about a month, visitors continue to visit.

First below is the stats for the ALL TIME top 50 posts plus a few that I cherry-picked for different reasons.:

The following is the stats for the day I actually closed the blog. Visitors flocked in so early to check Eid message and met last year’s that I had to post what I already wrote and kept in draft awaiting when Nigerian Muslims of Southwestern Nigeria would celebrate:


[These first appeared on]

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2014. 4:00 a.m. [GMT]

OTHERS: Where did visitors come from; what were they looking for…?



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2 Comments on “All-Time Closing Stats for – Tola Adenle”

  1. Ladipo Adamolekun Says:

    Thanks for sharing. Yoruba Engagement aso oke deserves the repeat posting – helps spread Yoruba culture. Researchers consulting “Education Sector in Crisis…” will track it down to the WordPress blog. 2,000+ views is very impressive. Only a few of my 100 or so columns (over two years) in Vanguard attracted over 500 views. Ku iṣẹ, o.



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Thanks, Dear Prof.

      With the impressive showing of the very academic “Education Sector in Crisis …”, I’m sure visitors who checked out the paper – just like me – are looking forward to more from the Iju Public Affairs stable under which this was posted. The IPAF, for which its own Category is already in place, will only appear in the Header once something new is posted.

      I think the massive decay in the Nigerian education sector makes it a particularly attractive subject perhaps more than other academic papers on the blog. Whatever brought readers through various search engines, it is heartening that a simple blog meant to entertain and disseminate information and ideas could be so sought after.
      Other papers on Human Rights, Labor Law, Political Economy and some others which one would not expect to see on a blog like this not to think of people actually giving it readerships in the hundreds and in the case of “Education Sector in Crisis …” in the thousands, have shown that people will check out papers that are topical and deal with societal problems that touch us all.

      I must also add that search engines lead readers to good writers who may be more known in academic circles but who can get their “difficult” subjects down to the level where average readers can enjoy these write-ups and get more insight into the problems that plague society. My blog has been lucky to attract quite a few of such, and I thank you for being one of them.

      Fond Regards, Bros.



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