USA: A 102-year old who stocks shelves, a 93 year-old Park ranger … Why we refuse to retire! – yahoo News

October 29, 2014

Society/Living, USA

You find it difficult to get up in the morning for work at 60? Well, this beautiful human-angle story has sat with a few in my draft box ready to go since October 1; it’s almost November 1, and I must share it before it gets too stale! TOLA.

Melanie Hicken for Yahoo News

102 yearold Loren Wade

102 year-old Loren Wade is a Wal Mart employee where he does not just show up but stocks shelves doing light and heavy lifting.

Check out the heart-warming story of these very senior citizens who are still out there, giving their best and not for once thinking of packing it up. Their stories will force you to get up any morning you suddenly feel the grind of the work-a-day is probably getting to you but you remember Loren or 93 year-old Betty or 91 year-old Kenneth. After all, you may have tried to console yourself that you should be thinking of retiring at 60! – TOLA.–why-we-refuse-to-retire-190255455.html

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2014. 5:15 a.m [GMT]

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2 Comments on “USA: A 102-year old who stocks shelves, a 93 year-old Park ranger … Why we refuse to retire! – yahoo News”

  1. folakemiodoaje Says:

    Is this where ‘health is wealth’ phrase comes in? With health and handful of family and friends to converse with – life can be beautiful and worth all the living for. Abi?



    • emotanglobal Says:

      Thanks, Folakemi.

      Yes, good health for old age can make life not only a bit less difficult due to waning mobility but beautiful and definitely worth all the living.




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